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I have had an interest in the game of Diplomacy for many years. I played on some of the electronic Judges in the early 1990's while doing my MSc in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Toronto. I don't know how I managed to get involved in it, but I typed in the Diplomacy A-Z and the Variants A-Z for Mark Nelson, also in the early 1990's. In March of 2000 I completed a large map for the Colonia-VIIB variant. Unfortunately, a lack of time due to work and a growing family has kept me away from "The Hobby" until recently (May 2002). This page is a result of my return (for what it's worth), as a replacement for China in the game (Sometimes I feel like) Fletcher Christian run in the zine The Abyssinian Prince.

Check out my test game of A Merry Mixup, and on the completed game of Harem Scarem!

February 24, 2008: Downfall XIII rules and maps have been added to my site. I took it upon myself to make a better map than was available. I also prettied-up the rules page.

July 11, 2015 My Diplomacy Promo video, made in May 2015 for your amusement.

Diplomacy Links

Not much to report on here, as the biggest and best place to go is the Diplomatic Pouch.

Feel a need to play online? Try DipBounced. Please don't join any games without making the commitment to play through!

The Diplomacy Archive has a wealth of articles and other stuff about "The Hobby". Some of the people involved have been playing for a long time...

The Abyssinian Prince is one of the longest-running "szines", and issues starting from #190 are on the web at the above link. Game deadlines are every three weeks, and the szine comes out about every 3-4 weeks. Well worth the read!

(November 3, 2002): The long-awaited HTML version of the Diplomacy A-Z. Comments, updates and additions are needed and welcomed!

Ten amusing anagrams of "The Abyssinian Prince", courtesy of the Anagram Genius server:
Brainy, nice thespians; Piranha by insistence; An inane, bitchy pisser; The spicy, insane brain; Cheap tennis is brainy; Ribs cheapen insanity; Binary sin cheapens it; Brainy pest in his acne; Cheesy brains in paint; Sanity cheeps in brain.

Ten amusing anagrams of "The Game of Diplomacy", also courtesy of the Anagram Genius Server:
Employ magic of death; Emphatic, modal fogey; Fetch maimed apology; I'm a gloomy, adept chef; Defame a gloomy pitch; Helped to foamy magic; I'm the mad poof legacy; O My God! I'm a felt peach; Flame cheap moody git; Fool mighty mad peace.

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