(Sometimes I feel like) Fletcher Christian

August 5, 2002:
The complete list of all of the moves of the game, extracted from TAP, has been prepared, for future reference.

July 21, 2002:
Brand new, more realistic, world map. Fully checked now, and I hope I've finally gotten the thing right!

June 30, 2002:
Positions updated to Spring 1760, after builds/disbands and retreats.

June 16, 2002:
The maps now show the positions (I hope!) after the Fall, 1759 moves. Units circled in red have been dislodged.

May 23, 2002:
This game of the Colonia VII-B Diplomacy variant has been playing in The Abyssinian Prince for quite some time (since #217, April 19, 1999!). Now that I have taken over the position of China, I will be keeping maps and information on the game on this site. Space limitations force me to only keep maps of current positions, but as time permits I will create pages for all of the moves, so that its history can be preserved. This page is a temporary construction until I can find the time to create something more permanent.

Positions for Spring 1760

A PowerPoint with a printable image is HERE. I can't guarantee how the shaded regions will appear on a laser printer, but the units should at least be distinguishable.

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