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Welcome to badpets.net! This website contains my extensive humour collection, as well as a number of other items of an informative nature stemming from my various interests. A good laugh or two can make a huge difference in one's day. I promote this idea in my workplace, usually with puns (which, if not already in my site, soon find their way into it), and I like to think that it makes a difference.


BadPets.net has been online since January 5, 2002, thanks to the efforts of Thomas Powell, to whom I will always be grateful. My humour site, under a different name, has existed since April 28, 1995, when it was set up on the University of Toronto's Department of Geography server. I had to move it to GeoCities in June 2000 after being told that it was generating enough traffic to slow down their server. By then, I'd gotten my Ph.D. and had left anyway. The move to an independent URL occurred because the transfer limit of GeoCities' free accounts was being regularly exceeded.

The name stems from the Bad Pets Lists, starting with the Bad Kitty List, which are my contribution to the world of pet humour. In my university days, I received a lot of humourous lists that were being circulated by email, and added them to the mix. Among many were the Tom Swifties list, whose header info I have kept, and whose content I have greatly increased.

Contributions and Comments

Comments, suggestions, or contributions to my lists are always welcome. Please drop me a line and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

My site's contents are primarily related to humour and pets. I will link to sites with these themes upon request. Commercial sites have their own dedicated page. As I wish to keep my site family-friendly, I will not link to adult-oriented sites, including gambling or anything that I consider offensive.

Here is a banner you may wish to use if you link to my site. It was kindly created by Pelz Pet Studios.

Site Layout

I have spent a lot of time making this site as easy to navigate as possible. Small sidebars on each page let you jump to the major parts of the site, and groups of pages have navigation tables at the bottom to let you easily go to the next or previous page in the set.

The contents of my site are easily divided into three parts: Pet Humour, Other Humour, Non-Humourous.

Pet Humour: All sorts of funny things about pets, including the Bad Pets Lists. See more.


The Bad Pets Lists are the cornerstones of the pet humour section.

Cat Humour is the landing page for my cat-related humour and external links.

Dog Humour is the landing page for my dog-related humour and external links.

Other Pet Humour is the landing page for humour and external links related to all other types of pets. See less.

Other Humour: A large amount of content on a wide variety of topics, all guaranteed to make you at least smile. See more.

Humour Archives is the landing page for all of my humour, which is organized into many categories for easy navigation. See less.

Non-Humourous: All my stuff that is intended to be informative, rather than funny. See more.

Documents is the landing page for all of my non-humourous stuff, except for:

Diplomacy. I have been a member of the on-line Diplomacy "hobby" since 1991. My primary contribution was assembling the Diplomacy A-Z for on-line viewing. I have participated in, and moderated, a number of on-line games as well. See less.

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Thanks again for visiting. Enjoy your stay!

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