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Cat Humour

If you know what is good for you, don't get caught reading any of these, let alone laughing at them. Punishment for Offenses to Dignity can be severe!

From the Set of Bad Pets Lists

The Bad Kitty List Updated March 11, 2008.
The Bad (Cat) Human List Updated March 11, 2010.
Rules for Cats who Have a House to Run Updated May 6, 2002
Rules for Cats who Have a House to Run Now in PDF format for easy printing!

Cat Humour Files

A Cat's Busy Day A cute "photostory" of a cat's day.
The Cat Brain ASCII text diagram of a cat's brain
Cat Movies Movie titles from a cat's perspective
How to bathe your cat How to keep your hide relatively whole
A Cat Owner's Prayer What all the slaves must recite daily
Cat Poems Some poetry about cats
Cat Haiku Very pertinent observations in haiku form
Stormy on the Fridge A cat I used to have liked to perch here
Graduate Students How grad students and cats are similar
Personality disorders Humourous "Top 10" guide
Defy gravity Using a cat and buttered bread!
Cat philosophy Brief summary of their attitude
How to wake up humans Moment by moment description of a master at work
The Mysterious SumKitty A mythical creature, or is it?
Cats vs Dogs Why cats are better than dogs
Rules for Stray Cats How to adopt humans
Some cat-related quotes By people who know about cats
Feline Laws of Physics Physics as applied to cats
Golf Rules for Felines How cats would improve the game
A Cat's Diary "Excerpts" from a cat's diary
Cat Miracle Diet Another way to drive the humans crazy!
Cat Guide to Humans Information that all cats should know about slaves
Cat's Revenge How a cat got revenge on a car trip
How to Medicate a Cat How to give your cat a pill (two versions!) Updated January 20, 2002.
And God Created Cat The "uncensored" version of Genesis
Roller Poopies A fun game for cats with nothing else to do
My hungry cats An article I wrote for Cats Magazine
The Cat Sat on the Mat How some religions might explain this phrase
Quiz for Cat Ownees How well do you know your cat?
Cat Pill Image Giving your cat a pill, from Jay Grauer
Wrapping a present How to wrap a Christmas present, with the "help" of a cat.
Clean the toilet The dog suggests a mean way to clean the toilet...
Feline Olympics Some possible Olympic sports for the cats

Cat-Related Sites

Pet Food Reviews A cat-centered site with reviews for more than just food.
My indoor kitty A site with some interesting articles.
Why is my cat sneezing? If your cat is sneezing a lot, there are several possible explanations.
Free cat-related printables. Some really nice pictures that you can download and print for free.
Cat adoption guide A useful guide along with many links to resources.
Benefits of having cats Having a Master has its benefits.
Cats Purfection "A website for cat lovers and cat owners looking to make the lives of their furry friends better, happier, and safer with the best grooming, nutrition, and treatment products for cats."
Lilies are poisonous Lilies have the double-whammy of being poisonous to cats, but also being attractive to them.
PortaKitty "PortaKitty is a free resource site for cat owners and lovers alike, containing everything from expert care advice to in-depth product reviews.".
Cat Advice "CatPet is your #1 resource with the best advice, reviews and how-to articles about cats."
Walk with Cat A blog that features information about cats and cat-related products.
Wilderness Cat A blog with lots of articles on things cat-related.
Understanding cat aggression Cats can become aggressive for a number of reasons.
Kitty Insight Information and commentary about cats.
Is that your cat A blog that contains general information about cats and quirky cat behavior.
Moving with your cat Some tips on making the transition to a new home a bit smoother.
Cat care resources A large number of links to various sites with cat care information.
Your Cat magazine A magazine for the cat people of the UK, with lots of helpful information.
DIY Cat Projects A large collection of projects that you can do to provide things for your master.
Exercise for an overweight cat Some suggestions on how to get your fat cat to exercise a bit.
Fluffy Planet A blog with information related to cats.
Catological Lots of helpful information related to cats.
Saving 9 Lives blog The blog of a cat slave.
Home Made Cat Litter Some suggestions for those brave enough to try DIY. As an added bonus, there is a PDF file with labels you can attach to the box that holds it.
Bengal Cats "This website is dedicated to raising awareness of the beautiful Bengal breed, promoting responsible ownership and sharing information with other owners and enthusiasts about this unique and unusual pedigree cat variety.".
IdleCat This site has "articles that range from fun stuff to health tips".
Adopt a Tuxedo Cat There are too many black-and-white cats who have been waiting for homes in rescue centres (in the UK, as elsewhere) for too long. Have a look and see if any can find a forever home with you.
Stuff Cats Want Lots of interesting articles, information, and even stuff, for and about cats.
Cat beds Reviewed Cat bed reviews.
Kitty Loaf Cat "Loaf" pictures, plus blog and product reviews. Lots of information about the fuzzballs.
Cat Health Conditions A disturbingly comprehensive list of the things that can go wrong with cats.
Bow Wows & Meows by Bruce Robinson "BOW WOWS & MEOWS Cartoons are funny dog & cat cartoons - endorsed by Mort Walker (creator, 'Beetle Bailey'), Glenn McCoy (co-creator, 'The Flying McCoys'), Leigh Rubin (creator, 'Rubes'), Brian Basset (creator, 'Red & Rover'), Kevin Fagan (creator, 'Drabble'), Fred Travalena (comedian, impressionist) and other famous humorists!".
Click on an image (supplied and and used with permission by the artist) to see the full-sized version.
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Cat fanciers Another great source of cat links
How to Be a Responsible Cat Owner Nicely laid out, with good links.
The Cat Site Lots of useful stuff, including humour.
The Malcolm Cat Protection Society (based in Cyprus!)
Gracie's World Lots of pictures of cats, as well as comments and other light humour.
Know Your Cat More information about cats. You can even add a picture of your master!

Cat Pictures Sites

Cat Pictures New cat pictures posted daily. Cute and amusing.
My cat hates you Pictures of cats with sneers, frowns and scowls. Hilarious!
Stuff on my cat More Cats without any Dignity: people put stuff on them and take pictures of them. A scream!
The Amazing Cat Collection Even more funny cat pictures! So many funny cats out there...
Funny Cats Some more amusing picture of cats from around the globe.

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