A Cat's Morning Routine

Date: 2 Apr 1997

saw this in rec.cats. Sound familiar?
> Diane C. Stapley
> Opinions expressed herein are mine own.

Great cat moment!! Something similar occurs here on a daily basis.

6:00 am. I am going to bed.(work nights). Cat is snoring at end of bed.

6:15 am. I make a bathroom trip. Cat is still snoring.

6:30 am. I let out other cat. Cat is still snoring.

6:45 am. I am asleep. Cat is waking up.

6:48 am. Cat is on my pillow, staring at me.

6:49 am. Cat stare has drilled hole in my head. I wake up, but feign unconsciousnous.

6:50 am. Cat is onto me. He knows a faker. Cat meows VERY softly. I ignore cat.

6:51 am. Cat meows more loudly. I ignore cat.

6:52 am. Cat places nose in my ear and meows loudly. Eardrum ruptures. I tell cat to go wake up husband.

6:53 am. Cat approaches unsuspecting husband. Cat stares at husband intently. Husband has no cat radar, therefore continues to sleep.

6:54 am. Cat sits on husband's chest. Husband continues sleeping.

6:55 am. Cat leans forward and meows softly. Husband sleeps on.

6:56 am. Cat meows more loudly. He is ignored.

6:57 am. Cat stands on husbands face. Husband, fearing suffocation, wakes up.

6:58 am. husband stupidly asks, "what do you want, cat?" Cat proceeds to yank mini blinds off wall and point outside.

7:00 am. Husband lets cat out

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