Miscellaneous Commercial-Related Links

I have decided to put all the commercial site links on a separate page, which is this one. Links are added upon request, so long as they are primarily pet-related. Note that in many cases, the text is supplied by the person wanting the link, and is not written by me...

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Cat-Related Commercial Site Links

Pet Cat Friends A large number of cat-related product reviews.
Cat Collars Cat and kitten collars and other accessories. Based in the UK.
Can Cat Eat Some recommendations on cat food and other related items.
Cat "Cave" Beds Colourful and hand crafted in Nepal. Gives kitty a place to hide and sleep.
Cat "Cave" Beds Blog Comparisons of products and some articles.
More About Cat Food These folks also spent a lot of time looking at cat food to create this informative page.
Cat Food Ratings These folks spent a lot of time looking at cat food to see which brands are best.
Discount Cat Products "Best, unique, designer cat products at discount prices"
Cat Cartoons Customizable cartoons about cats.
Cat Articles and Links Another interesting site with cat-related information.
My Three Cats Lots of good cat stuff, plus information about cats.
The Refined Feline "Cat furniture with style". Some interesting items here.
Cool Cat Collars Cat collars, based in Staffordshire, UK.
The Pride Cartoon "The award-winning reality cat cartoon starring Crazy Johnny."

Dog-Related Commercial Site Links

Hail the Wagging Tail Dog toys and resin tags, plus useful articles such as items that are toxic to pets.
Unleash Fido Dog trainers in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida.
Okra and Molly A dog cake bakery that ships anywhere.
CBD oil for dogs It may be able to help your Master with various ailments.
Paw and Nose Balm Soothing balms for paw pads and noses.
The Furry One "Pet clothing, apparel and costumes available to buy online from the UK. Pet gifts including dapper dog coats and cosy knitted dog jumpers, plus cat costumes and hoodies."
Pet Dog Pals A large number of dog-related product reviews.
Utah Mobile Dog Grooming "Utah Mobile Dog Grooming is changing the dog grooming experience in all the best ways."
Mobile Dog Grooming Miami Mobile dog grooming in the Miami area. They will come to you.
Best Dog Beds "Read reviews on the best dog beds on the market today along with 100s of other related dog accessories such as harnesses, flea control, and more."
Carpet Cleaning Suggestions Information on cleaning carpets after "accidents".
Cleaning your dog's feet Clean your dog's feet after a walk.
Top Dog Hub Information on various dog-related products.
Animal Behavior College Learn how to be a dog or cat trainer, dog groomer or vet assistant.
Havahart Wireless Pet Fencing Wireless dog fencing to keep your pet safe.
Dog Insurance Healthy Paws Pet Insurance provides dog insurance nationwide.
Dog Harnesses High quality dog harnesses, collars and leashes.
Glucosamine for dogs "Marvelous Products offers glucosamine for dogs hip and joint arthritis pain. Glucosamine is a natural ingredient used to help rebuild and repair joint cartilage damaged by natural wear and tear or injury."
Pets Direct Dog and cat toys, beds and other accessories, based in the UK.
Julie's Pet Portraits Commission a beautiful pastel painting from international portrait artist Julie Palmer (B.A. Hons). What I've seen looks very life-like!
Bully Beds Extra-large dog beds made from human-grade mattress memory foam for your large breed dogs.
Mammoth Dog Beds High-quality beds for the larger dog.
Dog beds From FetchDog.com: "We are an online community for passionate dog lovers and provide the highest quality dog beds and expert information on dogs."
Dog Costumes Dog costumes from Costume Supercenter. A Canadian site is also available.
Just Dogs British website devoted to the sale of dog-related products.
Valupets Discount brand name pet food and accessories, in Bicester, England
Urban Pup Buy Original and Luxury Dog Fashions & Accessories at UrbanPup.com. The latest fashions, Dog Collars, Dog Accessories, Pet Carriers and Designer Clothes. Based in Northern Ireland.
Hand made dog collars High-end, and great-looking, hand made dog collars. Based in the UK.

Dog Breeders

The following links are to the same organization, but for different breeds.
White Golden Retrievers From Recherche Kennels in Statesville, NC.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels From Recherche Kennels in Statesville, NC.
Bernese Mountain Dogs From Recherche Kennels in Statesville, NC.
Labrador Retrievers From Recherche Kennels in Statesville, NC.
Bichons From Recherche Kennels in Statesville, NC.
Labradoodles From Recherche Kennels in Statesville, NC.

Miscellaneous Commercial Links


Pet Prints at FreeArt FreeArt.com provides an extensive collection of free small art prints in a wide variety of categories, including pets.
Pet Images at Can Stock Photo "Can Stock Photo offers over 5 million professional royalty free stock photos at prices you can afford. ... (Including) over a quarter of a million animal photos and graphics!"
Photo Canvas Printing Turn your pet photos into works of art by having your photo printed on canvas.
Francoise Nesse A wildlife artist whose work is so detailed you'd swear it is a photograph!
Liz Armon Portraits of your pets.
Fine art photography By Pat McNulty. Really nice pictures, many of which are animal-related.
Photo Canvas Prints Have your photographs printed on canvas, which is then mounted on a stretcher frame to create a work of art. Can be done for any picture, including pets...
Fotosearch Stock Photography A quote: "Foto Search Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 2 million images from 140 quality stock photography publishers at one site. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, stock video clips, maps, and background clip art imagery. Our database includesover 130,000 animal related images that I think you and your users will find useful." Use the Search feature to find pictures of interest.
Pet Images at Go GraphLots of pet-related pictures.
Pet-Related PostersLots of pet-related posters.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance explained What it is and how it works.
Is Pet Insurance worth the cost? There are quite a few factors to consider.
Pet Insurance Guide Pet insurance companies compared.
More Pet Insurance Comparisons Eight pet insurance companies, rated best to worst.
Pet Insurance Comparisons Comparisons of various pet insurance companies.
365 Pet Insurance Advice on how to select pet insurance.
Vetsure Pet Insurance Offering insurance for your pets in the United Kingdom.
FIGO pet insurance Helps to reduce the pain of vet bills.
Embrace Pet Insurance Offers pet health insurance. Because vets are expensive, and you never know when something bad will happen.
PetPremium Offers pet health insurance and pet health advice.
MetLife Pet Insurance Pet insurance plans for cats and dogs.
Dog Insurance Quotes Get some quotes on insurance for your pet.
PetsBest.com Offers insurance for pets.
PetProtect.co.uk Offers insurance for pets.
PetPlan Offers insurance for pets.
Trupanion Has offered insurance for pets in Canada and the US for over a decade.

Online Coupons

Givingassistant.org Another on-line coupon site, including pet-related items.
Coupon Codes for Pets On-line coupons for pet-related products.


Pets urns For when your master has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and you choose to cremate the remains.
PetCure Oncology Has lots of information about pet cancers and is promoting a more accurate form of radiation therapy.
Banixx A product for treating skin and outer ear infections in all kinds of animals.
Brands that Test on Animals 50 beauty product brands that test on animals, in order to gain access to the Chinese market.
DSM Pet Sitting A pet sitting service in Des Moines, Iowa.
Mobile Pet Grooming Mobile Pet Grooming in Santa Maria, CA
Shutterfly Photo Books Record your memories (pet-related or otherwise) in a custom book of your photographs.
Discount Pet Supplies Some deals on pet supplies.
Pet Product Reviews Some information on pet products and supplies.
Pet Shop 2Go "Pet products and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals. Secure online ordering, fast UK shipping."
Small Pet Select High fibre nutrition delivered fresh for small pets.
Raw Pet Food Raw pet food available for purchase in the U.K.
Pet Food All kinds of pet food available on-line from Mr. Chewy.
Pet Food Some info about pet foods, and if you're in the United Kingdom, the opportunity to buy some on-line.
Create greeting cards An easy to use on-line tool for creating greeting cards, including pet themes, of course!
Some pet-related Internet greeting cards. Not like the spam that tries to get you to run a virus. 8-(
Angel Ashes Pet Cremation urns, offering several tasteful and attractive styles of urns for the remains of your pet.

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