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Thank you (in advance) for your contribution(s) to my list(s) and/or comments. My Bad Pets lists would not be what they are without them!


I will acknowledge all messages sent to me. Occasionally I receive messages that are sent from addresses that don't exist! When I reply, the message bounces. In this case, there is obviously nothing that I can do to acknowledge your message. If you don't hear back from me in three days or so, you are one of those people. Please check your e-mail address!

I acknowledge all contributions by putting the names of contributors at the end of the lists. If, for whatever reason, you wish to remain anonymous, please say so. Note that I do not keep records of people's e-mail addresses!


I put links to commercial websites only on my Commercial Links page. It has no Google PageRank, as far as I know, probably because it consists only of links to external pages. I know some people put great stock in the PageRank, but this is where the commercial site links go, and if you don't like it, don't ask me to link to you.

Links to non-commercial sites only will be put on the Cat Links page (for cat-related sites), Dog Links page (for dog-related sites), and Miscellaneous Pet Links page (for sites that aren't exclusively cat or dog related). These pages all have a Google PageRank of 3.

Finally, as the maintainer of the site, I reserve the right to word the links and accompanying text as I see fit. I generally limit my edits to grammatical and spelling corrections, but will sometimes restructure text if it doesn't make much sense. Again, if you're relying on specific text combinations for your links, make sure the text is clearly worded so that I won't feel the need to "fix" it. 8-)


People wishing to print excerpts from any of my pet lists in newsletters or charitable publications that benefit animal shelters or suchlike organizations may do so freely. Please inform me so that I can know that I'm helping make people laugh somewhere! If you wish, a small donation to a local animal shelter, spay/neuter clinic or humane society in lieu of a "fee" would be greatly appreciated by the shelter, as well as by me. This is obviously your choice! It's my way of trying to make a difference, however small, in the lives of our four-footed fuzzy friends, far too many of whom are put to sleep every year because they have no homes to go to.


In the subject line, please put something relating to the list to which you are contributing. In spite of my best efforts, the scummy spammers found me (though my javascript trick helped keep them off for about a year). I've had several contributions get swept by my ISP's spam guard into a folder that normally gets this crap, and only a manual check saved them from being lost. I don't want to lose yours! My address is: . This is done using a simple java script that I got from a site that no longer seems to exist. I use this to try (in vain) to reduce the amount of spam I get, but there's not much point now. Once they get you, every one of them gets you. Too bad we can't track them down, print out their crap and force-feed it to them. 8-(

Thank you once again for taking the time to mail me! I hope that you like my site and that you pass it on to any friends of yours that are in need of a few laughs!

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