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Below are a number of dog-related links, some to files on my site, some to other sites. Enjoy!

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Bad Dog-Related Humour

The Bad Dog/Bad Human List Updated February 28, 2007.

Dog Humour Archive

Dumb dog stories Some stories about dumb dogs.
Good dog stories And, for balance, some stories about good dogs.
Dog Rules How you are supposed to behave
Dogs vs Men Why have a man when you can have a dog?
Dogs vs Women Why have a woman when you can have a dog?
Stud's lament A stud talks about his "problems" poetically
Windows 95 and Dogs Why dogs will never use this operating system
How to give your pup a pill How to medicate your dog
Dogs In Elk Gruesomely hilarious! The title says it all...
Dog Haiku Haiku explaining the way dogs think
Etiquette For Dogs A canine equivalent to my Basic Rules for Cats who Have a House to Run
Dog robs a convenience store A dog helps himself to chocolate-covered rice crisps in a convenience store
A Dog's Diary An "Excerpt" from a dog's diary

External Links

Dog Training Book - A step by step guide to helping dog owners train their pet.
Dog Training Advice Information on how to train your master, umm, dog.
Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home Some good tips for helping to keep your dog-enhanced home clean. (Thanks to Holly in Denver for this one! 8-))
Bow Wows & Meows by Bruce Robinson (seems to be off the net now) "BOW WOWS & MEOWS Cartoons are funny dog & cat cartoons - endorsed by Mort Walker (creator, 'Beetle Bailey'), Glenn McCoy (co-creator, 'The Flying McCoys'), Leigh Rubin (creator, 'Rubes'), Brian Basset (creator, 'Red & Rover'), Kevin Fagan (creator, 'Drabble'), Fred Travalena (comedian, impressionist) and other famous humorists!".
Click on an image (supplied and and used with permission by the artist) to see the full-sized version.
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Pets Square A very comprehensive directory of links for all sorts of pets. This page is for dogs.
Dog Breed Pictures Pictures of many breeds and information about a lot more -- an interesting and informative website.
Maltese dogs Lots of interesting information about Maltese dogs.
Gizmo's blog Gizmo is a rescued puppy who wants to be good and often succeeds.

Out there on the Net

The warped comic strip Mother Goose and Grimm can be found here.

For Your Information

Breeds and Care

Dog Breeds Guide Another source of information about a variety of dog breeds.
Dog Breeds List If you thought you knew all the dog breeds, you're probably wrong.
Dog Breeder Contacts Connect with dog breeders with pups and dogs for sale, and also read info on more than 200 breeds.
Dog Care Information Lots of information on caring for your master.
You have a senior dog? As your dog ages, s/he will need some help getting around.
Cost of Owning a Dog Here's a detailed breakdown that you can read before you have one.
Cost of Owning a Dog How much does it cost to be owned by your master? Quite a bit, and it's something to take into consideration when the time comes to select one.
South Plains Obedience Training Club One place to improve your Bad Dog, in Lubbock, Texax
Puppy Temperament Testing This can give an idea of your dog's personality.
Introducing your new dog Helpful tips on how to introduce your new dog to other pets in the house.
Finding a sitter for your dog with special needs If your dog needs a little extra help, you should be sure that a sitter can handle it.


Dog Health Dog training tips, information on health problems and more.
Flowers & poisonous plants for dogs to avoid Some useful info for dog owners that have plants.
Veterinarian Dog Contains useful health-related information about dogs. Always check with your vet if your dog is sick, though!
Dog Worming Information on internal parasites of dogs and avoiding and getting rid of the wretched things.
First aid for dogs This page contains links to pages with useful first aid information for your dog.
CBD Oil for Dogs Benefits, Dosage Guidelines and Products.


Dogs and sleep #1 How much sleep does your master need?
Dogs and sleep #2 More information on sleep and dogs.
Dogs and sleep #3 More information about dogs, humans, and sleep.
Sleeping with your dog Even more information about dogs, humans, and sleep.

Service Dogs

Info about Service Dogs for (US) Veterans Guide and Service Dogs for US veterans.
Service Dogs Help with veterinary costs.
Afford a Service Dog? Some suggestions, and tips for assistance in dealing with the high cost of a service dog..
Service Dogs A non-profit organization dedicated to training service dogs.
Autism Speaks: Assistance Dog Resources Info on service dogs for people with autism.

Everything Else

New Puppy Checklist You need lots of stuff to get set up with a new puppy. This extensive checklist will help you remember it all.
Our Best Doggo Some dog-related information and a blog.
Five tips for training a rescue dog You've rescued a dog, and would like some advice on training it.
The Idle Pup A blog for dog owners and lovers. A.k.a. slaves.
Dogs in Weddings How to incorporate your Master into your wedding. (Only recommended for dogs that don't mind crowds and noise...)
Pet-Friendly Offices Information and tips on pet-friendly office environments.
Dog Cake Recipes Making dog-friendly cakes for special treats.
Reading Dog Food Labels What are you feeding your pooch? Here's a useful guide.
Shopping Green for your Pet Info on making "green" choices for your pet.
Road Safety for Dogs Some tips to help keep your Master safe on your walks.
Pet and Animal Emergency Planning Make a pet and animal emergency plan.
Be a safety-minded dog owner Several things to keep in mind when you own a dog.
RV Camping with your pet (dog) Though this was written with the dog owner in mind, it could apply to other pets (i.e. cats) provided that they like to travel in vehicles. I suspect not many do...
Pet and Renter Insurance for Dog Owners Mentions dogs specifically, but applies to any pet.
The Ultimate Guide to Home Insurance for Dog Owners Owning a dog may make it harder to get home insurance. This may help.
Homeowners Insurance for Dog Owners Useful information for dog owners!
Dogs FAQ list Frequently asked questions about dogs
NetVet Dog Links list. A huge collection of dog-related links.
Travellers Tales Books has a book out containing stories involving dogs and travel, called A Dog's World.

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