Good Dog!

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996
From: Steve Albertson
Subject: Bad Dog list

True Story from Wisconsin (later gleefully told on national radio by Paul Harvey).

The local police raided a farmhouse to execute a search warrant and arrest warrant for controlled substances. As the owner's "other" vocation was breeding Malamutes (large, wolf type dogs), the police called the house from the end of the driveway to have the dogs secured for both the officers and suspects safety. All the dogs were chained up except one, a female who had recently had a litter, and was the most gentle dog on the farm.

After completing their search (unsuccessfully) and putting the suspect under arrest, the police gathered outside, preparing to leave. It was at that time the the loyal, gentle malamute bitch- the only unrestrained lifeform on the farm- trotted up to a police officer with a gift. The dog had crawled under an ancient, unused outhouse, then retrieved and presented the lawmen with her find: A large, tightly wrapped package containing a full pound of opium!

Good Dog!!

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