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This is a collection of a number of funny things I have had mailed to me over the years. Some of them are lists that I've reorganized or (as with the Book Title Puns and Pun Tests) created myself.

A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.
Since you can have too much of a good thing, and since most people think puns are not good things, then you can't get enough puns! (me quoting myself)

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Why I maintain this site (humour)!


My BitStrips cartoons Cartoons I made on
Pun Dictionary An ambitious and probably misguided attempt to collect all of the puns in the English language in one place.
Poot! The Card Game Embarrass your opponent by playing cards that make him fart, and s/he plays to defend, then attacks!
School/College Related Humour Humour related to school, college and university
Human Stupidity A frighteningly large compendium of stupid things people do
Jokes, Puns and One-liners A large collection of dumb jokes, awful puns and witty one-liners
Kids, Men and Women Humour involving and/or about men, women and kids
Joke and Humour Lists Jokes and humour, presented in the form of lists.
Long Joke and Humour Lists All files here are very large humour collections, mostly jokes
Miscellaneous Humour No collection can be without a miscellaneous section!
Redneck humour Jokes about the folks with the straight-line family trees
Religious Humour A variety of files, including links to others in different sections of the humour archive, containing religion-related humour.
Star Trek and Technology Humour about technology, and a small collection of Star Trek humour
Viral Emails Some of the viral emails with lots of pictures that I get.
Working Life Rat race got you down? This humour can help put the job back in perspective
Twisted Tales My collection of warped stories from my high-school days! Nowadays, teachers reading them would put me through a psychiatric evaluation...

Links to Other Humourous Sites

LOL Wall A large collection of funny pictures posted by readers.
Pun of the day The lowest form of humour? See for yourself!
Comedy-o-Rama TV-related comedy stuff
Scream of the crop Jokes and quotes available in an e-zine.
Centre for the Easily Amused For those who are.
Legal Jokes about lawyers and the legal system.

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