Jokes, Puns and One-Liners

A large collection of files with dumb jokes, witty one-liners, new definitions for words, and groanable puns.

Some new aphorisms Little sayings for the modern age
Bathroom wall humour Funny things found on bathroom walls
Book Title Puns Puns on names from fictitious books
Bumper Snickers A huge collection of tag lines and/or bumper sticker items
Comedian quotes Funny quotes from folks who make a living from them
Confucious Say... A list of fake Confucious aphorisms
New Cooking Terms New Definitions for cooking terms
Daffynitions New meanings for some current words; strange new words and definitions
NFL Football Quiz Puns on NFL football team names, in fill-in-the-blank format
Halloween groaners Really dumb Hallowe'en jokes and puns
Hot Cross Puns Puns of the form "What do you get when you cross..."
Assorted Jokes and Puns A bunch of jokes and puns
More Jokes and Puns More really dumb groaners
Medical terms puns Redefinitions of familiar medical terms
Some measurement units Puns on metric unit prefixes, and also some "new" units
Mommy Mommy jokes Twisted humour for those who like that sort of thing
How to Meet your Maker The Canoncial List of Old Folks who Never Die
Pseudo-Quotes Fake quotes about various topics
Strange questions Questions which should probably be only rhetorical
Ten Bad Puns A chain letter I've received a few times, with 10 bad puns
Pun Test Collection A large collection of fill-in-the-blank "tests"
The Nature of the Universe Quotes from famous people about the universe
Some Puns A bunch of real groaners!
Some Long Jokes More than just one-liners.

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