The Canonical List of Punny Book Titles

Compiled by Harold Reynolds.

Below are listed a large number of book title puns, sorted according to author's last name. Please send suggestions to the above address. Many of these are pretty lame, so if you have any improvements, send them along! Those given to me may be altered to some degree to, IMHO, "improve" them, but all submissions will be duly credited. Please try to keep them relatively clean--"Mystery in the Barnyard" by Hu Flung Dung is about as far as I'm willing to go.

Feel free to inflict the list on your friends, but like others, I like to be credited for the work I did to assemble this list.

Many thanks to John Gregory, who provided more than half of the entries from his collection of related puns. He practically owns it!

This list has had a major infusion of names which begin with 2 initials, based on a joint effort between John Gregory and myself. To better present the names which are being punned on, the list has been reorganized in alphabetical order of the first names and initials. Car Talk maintains a long list of "Staff Credits", which are more puns on names. Well worth the reading!

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A Titles

1. Ouch!: A. B. Stung 50. This is Not Optional: Amanda Tory
2. Electrical Wiring Made Easy: A. C. Deesey JG 51. German Capital: Amber Lynn Cash
3. In Year One: A. D. Calendar JG 52. What is dinner?: Amelia Eatt
4. My Boring Career: A. Drillerp 53. Not Very Expensive: Amir Pittance JG
5. Vowel Promissory Notes : A. E. I. O'You 54. My Life With Annette: Amos Kateer JG
6. Robotics Handbook: A. I. Expert JG 55. Mountain Climbing: Andover Hand
7. Singing Without An Orchestra: A. K. Pella JG 56. What Anne Did with Her Pencils: Andrew Pictures
8. Dull Pain: A. KingA 57. Artificial Weightlessness: Andy Gravity
9. Morning Radio: A. M. Effem JG 58. Theft and Robbery: Andy Tover4
10. The Unknown Rodent: A. Nonny Mouse 59. The Irish Heart Surgeon: Angie O'Plasty JG
11. Roger Wilco: A. O. Kaye JG 60. Unemployed: Anita Jobb
12. Bee Stings Are in the Hand of the Bee Holder: A. P. Airy JG 61. I Like Fish: Ann Chovie
13. Let's Play Billiards: A. Q. Ball JG 62. Pain Relief: Ann L. Gesick6
14. The Old Codger: A. T. Yearsold JG 63. Keeping Old Furniture Looking Good: Ann Teakn
15. How To Get Attention: A. U. Overthere JG 64. National Songs: Ann Them
16. Bird Brains: A. V. Airy JG 65. Animal Illnesses: Ann Thrax3
17. Who Cares?: A. Y. Nott JG 66. Unwanted Babies: Anna Bortion8
18. Summer in the South: A. Z. N. Hott JG 67. Snakes of the World: Anna Conda
19. Rhythm & Blues for Wasps: Aaron Bee 68. Modern Tree Watches: Anna Log
20. How I Win Races: Aaron Quigley 69. Eating Disorders: Anna Rexia JG
21. One Hundred Years Old: Abbie Birthday JG 70. I Shoot Arrows: Anne Archer
22. Say The Magic Word: Abby Cadabra JG 71. Robots: Anne Droid
23. My Career As A Clown: Abe Ozo JG 72. Pull Yourself Together!: Annette Curtain f
24. Drafted!: Abel Boddeed JG 73. Masterpieces Of Fox TV: Annette Work JG
25. I Want to Help: Abel N. Willina 74. Home Alone III, The Sequel: Annie Buddyhome JG
26. I'm not a Mutant: Abner Mallety JG 75. Is that it?: Annie MooreA
27. Large Pig Brassieres: Abraham D. Cupp 76. Uncle Buck: Ant Lerzn
28. Nuclear Explosives: Adam Baumo 77. Bit on the Leg: Anton Marnies
29. Ambulance Driving: Adam Muhway JG 78. My Frequently-Mended Garment: Apache Dress
30. The Wall Failed and Caused a Flood: Adam Shame 79. Oh, God, I'm Sorry: Apollo Jize
31. I Love Mathematics: Adam Up 80. May Flowers: April Showers
32. Angry Commuters: Adelaide Train 81. Where to Find Islands: Archie Pelago
33. Cry Wolf: Al Armist6 82. Keep it Clean!: Armand Hammer
34. Sea Birds: Al Batross6 83. The Bird Collection: Arnie Thologiei
35. Cooking Spaghetti: Al Dente 84. Misunderstood: Art Tistic JG
36. Oh What A Relief It Is: Al Kaseltzer JG 85. The Empty Cookie Jar: Arthur Anymoreu
37. New Mexico Tour Book: Albie Kerky JG 86. Inflammation, Please!: Arthur Itis JG
38. It's a Shocker: Alec Tricity 87. It's a Fake!: Artie Fishul C
39. Luxury Automobile: Alexis Carr 88. Vegetable Arrangements: Arty Chokep
40. Outdoor Activities: Alf Resco6 89. Turkish Minerals: Asa Minerl
41. Crocodile Dundee: Ali Gator 90. Light Brown Hair: Audrey Mauve Jeannies
42. Soak Your Ex-Husband: Ali Money6 91. It Blew Off My Hat!: Augusta Wind
43. Lewis Carroll: Alison Wonderland JG 92. How to Annoy: Aunt Agonize
44. And the Other People: Allan Sundry 93. Life Before The Civil War: Aunty Bellum JG
45. I Love You!: Alma Hart 94. Glitz and Bling: Austin Tay-Shuss
46. Funny Astronomy Texts: Alma Jest 95. What the Butler Saw: Ava Nutherluku
47. I Wuz Robbed!: Alma Money JG 96. The Paper Route: Avery Daye JG
48. Dirty Harry is... : Amanda B. Reckondwithz 97. Car Repairs: Axel Grease JG
49. Not a Guitar!: Amanda Line  

B Titles

1. How to Make Honey: B. A. Beaman p 23. Good Works: Ben Evolent6
2. Good for a Placemat: B. A. Degree JG 24. I Love Wills: Benny Fishery
3. Who Killed Cock Robin: B. B. Gunn JG 25. Celebrate the End of Your Mortgage!: Bernadette Party
4. The Disco Craze: B. G. Singers JG 26. The Pullman Sleeper: Bertha Buv JG
5. Golfer's Sandwich: B. L. Tee JG 27. Lotsa Luck: Bess Twishes JG
6. Not a Moment to Spare: B. N. Time JG 28. Uninteresting Road Signs: Bill Bored
7. Why Do People Avoid Me?: B. O. Problem JG 29. Houses, Offices, and Apartments: Bill Ding
8. Red Vegetables: B. Troot6 30. Where to Put Your Money: Bill Fold k
9. How to Go Broke Fast: B. X. Travagant JG 31. House Construction: Bill Jerome Holme 6
10. A Stroll to First Base: Balfour Walker 32. Monarch of the Swindlers: Bill King
11. Keep Out!: Barb Dwyer JG 33. Stories About Very Rich People: Billie O'Nair JA
12. Songs For Children: Barbara Blacksheep JG 34. Monkey Shines: Bob Boone
13. Outdoor Cookery: Barbie Cue JG 35. Things To Do At Parties: Bob Frapples JG
14. Drink this before the X-Ray: Barry Um 36. Teenagers Of The '50's: Bobbie Sox JG
15. We Won 20-1!: Barry Um JG 37. I Hate Fighting: Boris Hell
16. Guide To Mixology: Bart Ender JG 38. The Last Roundup: Brandon Irons JG
17. The Criminals Of Watergate: Barton Mee JG 39. Smart Beer Making: Bud Wiser
18. Kindergarten Kop II: Bea Hayve JG 40. Prevent Drowning: Buddy System JG
19. Archery: Beau N. Arrowb 41. The Smorgasbord: Buffy Dinner JG
20. Ringing Wet: Belinda WaterA 42. Smash His Lobster!: Buster Crabbe
21. The Life of Quasimodo: Belle Ringer 43. Trim Those Sideburns Too?: Buzz Cutt JG
22. Rich People: Belle Yenere i  

C Titles

1. Joe Wins at a Track Meet: C. Howie Runns m 25. Explaining it Better: Clara Fie
2. The Peeping Tom: C. K. Undress JG 26. Back Row Of The Orchestra: Clara Nett JG
3. French Cheeses: Cam M. Bert 27. Shoes For Farm And Ranch: Claude Hopper JG
4. Feelings: Cara Lott JG 28. Destructive Cats: Claude Sofa
5. Ecclesiastical Infractions: Cardinal Sin 29. The Lion Attacked: Claudia Armoff
6. How To Tune Up Your Auto: Carl Humm JG 30. House Plants: Clay Potts JG
7. Dinner's Ready!: Carmen Gettit A 31. Shaky Knees: Cliff Diver JG
8. Meat Eaters: Carney Vore JG 32. Rocket Launch: Cliff Toff
9. Singing Solo: Carrie O'Kee B 33. Boring Midwestern Cities: Cole Lumbus JG
10. Handsome, Charming, and... : Cary Smattic JG 34. Take a Break!: Colin Sick
11. Boy Scout's Handbook: Casey Needzit JG 35. Retirement: Collette Quits
12. We Take Credit Cards, But...: Cassius Better I 36. Military Fast: Colonel O'Corn l
13. Jewish Egotists: Chaim Wonderful 37. Pentagon Press Release: Colonel O'Truth and Lotta Lies l
14. Equine Leg Cramps: Charlie Horse 38. The Sheet She Wore to the Party: Connie Stoga JG
15. Obscure Cooking Aids: Che Fingdish JG 39. East Coast Universities: Cora Nell l
16. Sofa so Good: Chester Field 40. Flogging in the Army: Corporal Punishment
17. Classic Groceries: Chopin Liszt l 41. That Night in the Ritzy Hotel: Costas Plenty
18. The Greasy Spoon: Chris Coe JG 42. Fortune Telling: Crystal Ball JG
19. Perfect Cooking: Chris P. Bacon A 43. Vegetable Paintings: Currier Endives.
20. Fried Rodents: Chris Pratt 44. Interior Decorating: Curt Enrod JG
21. Mineralogy for Giants: Chris Tall 45. Nuts about You!: Cy Cosis
22. A Fortune-Teller's Disaster: Christobal Broken 46. Exercise on Wheels: Cy Kling
23. What's For Dinner?: Chuck Roast JG 47. Wooden Percussion: Cy L'Phone A
24. I Read You Like A Book: Claire Voyant JG  

D Titles

1. Perry Mason's Last Case: D. A. Zoffuss JG 19. Racketeering: Dennis Court
2. Garlic Gone Bad: D. K. Stinky 20. Maple Molars: Dennis Tree
3. The World's Last Days: D. N. Izneer 21. Baby Mess-Trappers: Di Perrs A
4. Didn't Make it to the Hospital: D. O. Way 22. Webster's Words: Dick Shunnary 3
5. We're All Flakes: Dan Druff JG 23. I'm Not Just Whistling…: Dick See
6. Shhh!: Danielle Soloud JG 24. Tyrant of the Potatoes: Dick Tater
7. Oddly Behaving Waterfowl: Daphne Duck 25. Clean Clothes Repel Men: Dieter Gents
8. Indiana Jones' Adventures: Darrin Rescue JG 26. Fistfights: Donny Brooke JG
9. Tape Another Channel: David E. O. Recorder A 27. Come on in!: Doris Open
10. Great Tennis Matches: Davis Skupp JG 28. Life Six Feet Under: Doug Graves JG
11. A Boxing Cornerman's Story: Dawson DeTowel JG 29. En Garde!: Drew Blood JG
12. Fixing Computer Programs: Dee Bugger JG 30. Poisonous Plants: Dudley Nightshade JG
13. The Realm of the Dead: Dee Seized C 31. I Like Coffee: Duncan Doughnuts
14. The Twelfth Month: Dee Sember JG 32. Housework: Dustin Cook n
15. Make Up Your Mind: Dee Side A 33. Highway Travel: Dusty Rhodes
16. Banned Pesticides: Dee-Dee Tee 34. Where's the Water?: Dwayne Dwight Out
17. "Good King Wenceslas": Deepan Crispin Even 35. Plumb Good: Dwayne Pipe JG
18. Suntanned Legs: Denise R Brown A  

E Titles

1. Cheer for Your Team!: E. A. Hoo 15. I'm Scared!: Emma Fraid JG
2. How to Handle Nitroglycerine: E. C. Duzzit JG 16. What I Do When I Get More Work: Emmet A. Groan
3. Hard Cheese!: E. Dam A 17. Columbus, Vespucci, And Me: Enzo DiUrth JG
4. Rodent in the House!: E. K. Mouse 18. Why Tires aren't Flat: Erin Side
5. A Great Plenty: E. Nuff 19. Employment Handbook: Ernie Living JG
6. How to be a Con Artist: E. Z. Money JG 20. She Saw Him: Esau Her E
7. Christmas Dinner is Over at Last: Ed Anuff A 21. I Like Liquor: Ethel Alcohol
8. And so on and so forth: Ed Nauseum x 22. Turtle Racing: Eubie Quick
9. I Lost My Balance: Eileen Dover and Phil Down 23. Prepare To Meet Your Maker: Eva DeStruction JG
10. Joe's a Politician: Eli Always 24. Assault with Battery: Eva Ready
11. Vertical Takeoff!: Ella Vator and Ella Copter 25. Jello Proselytizing: Evan Jellist
12. Fat Lady In The Sideshow: Ellie Funt JG 26. Boiled Dry: Eve Aporate A
13. How to Draw: Ellis Strait n 27. Pull with All You've Got!: Eve Ho
14. Confessions Of A Gold Digger: Emile Ticket JG 28. Fastest Gun In The West: Everett DeReady JG

F Titles

1. Animal Scents: Farrah Mones JG 7. French Overpopulation: Francis Crowded
2. Not Near: Farrah Way 8. Hot Dog!: Frank Furter
3. Look Younger: Fay Slift JG 9. To be Honest: Frank Lee a
4. How My Cat Keeps Himself Clean: Felix Himself 10. I Say So!: Frank O. Pinion 2
5. Raising Flowers By Hand: Flo Wrist JG 11. The Great Escape: Freida Convict
6. Rangers In The Night: Forrest Fyar JG  

G Titles

1. Good gracious!: G. Whiz 11. Hiya Fella: Gladys Eeya JG
2. I Hate Monday Mornings: Gaetan Upp 12. I Hate the Sun: Gladys Knight
3. Strong Winds: Gail Force JG 13. Scottish Kilt Patterns: Glen Pladd JG
4. How to Introduce Yourself in French: Gemma Pell 14. We Do Theft Cases: Grabbitt & Run A
5. Mensa Man: Gene Yuss 15. The National Science Foundation: Grant Money JG
6. How to be a Vague Soldier: General Lee A 16. Genie in a Bottle: Grant Wishes
7. Gone With The Wind: George Uh JG 17. Put'er There, Pal!: Greg Garious JG
8. Try, Try Again: Getty Trite s 18. Lawyers of Suffering: Grin and Barrett
9. I Wuz Framed!: Gil Tee JG 19. The World's Best Recipes: Gus Tatorial JG
10. Soda Pop History: Ginger Aile a 20. Laid Off!: Gwen Home JG

H Titles

1. The Good Breakfast: Hammond Deggs JG 20. Hunger In America: Heywood Jafeedme JG
2. Jewish Holidays: Hannah Kuhh JG 21. Funny Women: Hillary Uss.
3. Lazy Employees: Hans Doolittle o 22. Human Resources Manager: Hiram N. Firem JG
4. No Germans Here: Hans Frey 23. Stunned Over Christmas: Holly Daze
5. The German Bank Robbery: Hans Zupp JG 24. Tinseltown Tales: Holly Wood JG
6. Get Moving, Slowpoke!: Harriet Upp 25. Poetry in Baseball: Homer
7. Rapunzel, Rapunzel!: Harris Long 26. Jockeying for Position: Horace Rider
8. Toupee Embarrassment: Harrison Backwards 27. Who Killed Cock Robin?: Howard I. Know
9. The Beach Bully: Harry Ayp JG 28. I'm Fine: Howard Yu 2
10. At The Bottom Of The Can: Hazel Nutt JG 29. Chinese Apathy: Hu Cares
11. Gangway!: Hedda Steam JG 30. Mystery in the Barnyard: Hu Flung Dung
12. Cab Calloway's Garden: Heidi Ho JG 31. I Laugh at the Gods!: Hugh Briss
13. I Lived in Detroit: Helen Earth 32. Big Fart!: Hugh Jass
14. Where the World is Going: Helena Handbasket 33. Lots of Excitement: Hugh N. Cry
15. In The Trenches: Helmut Wearer JG 34. Greeting Sheep Strangers: Hugh R. Ewe a
16. Greek Unbeliever!: Hera Tick d 35. Parachuting: Hugo First
17. A Bestiary of Plant Eaters: Herb Avore JG 36. Midnight Patrol: Hugo Sair A
18. His Girl Thursday: Herman Friday 37. No Camels Here!: Humphrey Zoo
19. German Barbershops: Herr Kutt AJ 38. Sure, I'm Crazy!: Hussein Anyway

I Titles

1. Rusty Bedsprings: I. P. Nightly 11. No More Circuit Breakers!: Ira Fuse
2. Desert Crossing: I. Rhoda Camel 12. Cloning: Irma Dubble II
3. Teach Me!: I. Wanda Know 13. What I Took: Irv Erginity JG
4. The Garden State: Ida Hoe JG 14. In the Arctic Ocean: Isa Berg
5. Let's Do it Now!: Igor Beaver 15. I Hit the Wall: Isadore There
6. Take This Job And Shove It: Ike Witt JG 16. Why We Fall in Winter: Isis Slippery
7. I'm Someone Else: Ima Nonymous 17. I Didn't Do It!: Ivan Alibi
8. The Phillipine Post Office: Imelda Letter JG 18. My Seventh Husband: Ivana Newhouse JG
9. Fred Can Philosophize!: Immanuel Kant 19. Cheating on His Wife: Izzy Backyet JG
10. What I Need for the Recipe: Ingrid E. Ants  

J Titles

1. Fingerplay: Jacob Sladder JG 21. The Monkey Cage: Jim Panzee JG
2. Split Personalities: Jacqueline Hyde JG 22. How to Break In: Jimmy De Lock JG
3. Don't Do Anything Rash: Jacques Itch JG 23. The Rowdy Crowd: Jocelyn Shove
4. Athletic Supporter: Jacques Strap l 24. Those Funny Dogs: Joe Kur
5. The Dead Of Winter: Jan Yuary JG 25. How To Make Cornmeal Pancakes: Johnny Cake JG
6. I Cleaned Up this Town!: Janet Orr 26. Star Spangled Barrio: Jose Canusee JG
7. Renowned Chefs: Janice Cooks w 27. Where Wolves: Juan F. Deepak
8. Not Bogged Down In Reality: Jason Rainbows JG 28. The Hitchhiker: Juan Nalift JG
9. What Makes Airplanes Go: Jeff Fuel JG 29. Two Thousand Pounds!: Juan Ton
10. The Source of Electricity: Jenny Rator A 30. Personal Tutoring: Juan Touwan A
11. Hockey for Grandparents: Jerry Hattrick s 31. The Friendly Bartender: Juana Beer s
12. I Can Fix It: Jerry Rigg JG 32. Life is a Trial: Judd Gement JG
13. The History of the Nike Slogan: Jess DeWitt 33. The Chuck Berry Story: Judy Frudy JG
14. I Beat Bobby Fischer: Jess Player JG 34. I Work with Diamonds: Jules Sparkle
15. Birdwatching for Beginners: Jesse the Parrot E 35. Measuring Musical Aptitude: Julie Yard
16. From the Great White North: Jessica Nadian JG 36. Look Ma, No Thumbs!: Justice Fingers A
17. Scattered Small Carpets: Jethro Rugg 37. I Need Insurance: Justin Case
18. Party On, Dude: Jill Out JG 38. Almost Missed the Bus: Justin Time
19. The Scent Of A Man: Jim Nasium JG 39. Poultry Farmers: Justus Chickens JG
20. Flips and Tumbles: Jim Nastics g  

K Titles

1. The LA Lakers' Breakfast: Kareem O'Wheat JG 10. Breaking the Law: Kermit A. Krime
2. Chirpin' and Jumpin': Katie Didd JG 11. Don't Let Me Stop You: Kerry Onn A
3. After The Corned Beef And Cabbage: Kay O'Pectate JG 12. Yoko's Robe: Kim Ono JG
4. Measles Collision!: Kay Rash 13. I Used Bad Language: Kirsten Swore
5. Nuclear Power Bafflement: Ken Fusion JG 14. A Whole Lot of Cats: Kitt N. Caboodle
6. Barbie's Companion: Kendall Husband 15. The Economy is Recovering!: Knott Quite l
7. Ex-Presidential Retreat: Kenny Bunkport JG 16. Silly Santa: Knut Nick Claus
8. A Stuntman To The End: Kenny Doitt JG 17. Pressure Relief: Korsetsov p
9. Woulda Been A Great Shortstop: Kent Hitt JG 18. No: Kurt Reply JG

L Titles

1. Here's Pus In Your Eye: Lance Boyle JG 21. Volunteer's Guidebook: Linda Hand JG
2. Not a Lasso!: Larry Ett 22. Meals On Safari: Lionel Eecha JG
3. Honest Citizen: Laura Byder A 23. Hertz, Don't It?: Lisa Carr JG
4. Crackdown: Lauren Order JG 24. Italian Delicacies: Liz Onya JG
5. Nobel Prize Cannibals: Laurie Ate JG 25. I Love Fractions: Lois Denominator
6. I Guide Large Vehicles in England: Laurie Driver 26. How to Cut Grass: Lon Moore n
7. Music of the Sea: Lawrence Whelk 27. Scots in the Desert: Lorna Dune
8. Tight Situation: Leah Tard JG 28. Good Housekeeping: Lotta Dust
9. More Mindless Violence: Lee Fullweapon A 29. Punk Rock Rulez!: Lotta Noyze JG
10. You Drip!: Lee K. Fawcette b 30. Mardi Gras Time: Lou Isiana JG
11. The Palace Roof has a Hole: Lee King 31. Hawaiian Parties are Amazing!: Lou Wow
12. Nordic Groundskeepers: Leif Raker JG 32. Tear Up Those Betting Slips: Lou Zerr JG
13. Gay Vegetables: Les Bean 33. The Ham Radio Primer: Loudon Clear JG
14. The Shrinking Society: Les Ismoor JG 34. He's Contagious!: Lucas Measles
15. Bad Investment: Les Riches j 35. Fallen Underwear: Lucy Lastic JG
16. James Fenimore Cooper: Lester Moe Hickens s 36. Tabletop Occultism: Luigi Board
17. Jewish Mysticism: Lev Itation l 37. Danger!: Luke Out
18. A Dictionary of Swindles: Lexi Conn 38. Not So Hot: Luke Warm JG
19. Heat Makes Me Rise: Libby Dough 39. Irish Flooring: Lynn O'Leum
20. Joys of Cowardice: Lily Livard JG  

M Titles

1. Perverted Mushrooms: M. Morel 37. The TV News Anchorman: Maury Ports JG
2. Enforcing Discipline in the Army: M. P. Copps 38. More for Your Money: Max Amize 3
3. Kingdom of the Flames: M. Pyre C 39. Pilgrim Settlers: May Flower JG
4. Why Cars Stop: M. T. Tank 40. Continental Recipes : May O'Nez C
5. Do as I Do, Not as I Say: M. U. Late JG 41. Riel Ambush!: May T. Surprise
6. Makeup for Thin People: Mabel Leen B 42. Computer Memories: Meg Abight 7
7. You're So Sweet: Mable Syrup JG 43. It Won't Work!: Mel Function JG
8. Italian Cooking: Mac Aroni p 44. Irish Soap Operas: Mel O'Drama A
9. Round the World: Madge Ellen 7 45. Caught in a Cyclone: Mel Strom s
10. It's All In Your Head: Madge Ination JG 46. Why I Like Cantaloupe: Melanie Flavour
11. Shamans and Witch Doctors: Madison Menn 47. Specialty Winemaker: Merle O. Vintner
12. I Was a Cloakroom Attendant: Mahatma Coate 1 48. Overcoming Nervousness On Radio: Mike Fright JG
13. Military Defeats: Major Disaster and General Mayhem 49. Geez, It's Hot!: Mike Hammeldyed j
14. I'm not a happy camper!: Malcolm Tent 50. Clothes for Germ Kings: Mike Robes
15. I Like Weeding Gardens: Manuel Labour 51. Daddy are We There Yet?: Miles Away
16. Personal Best: Marco DeStinction JG 52. Stories About Rich People: Millie O'Nair JA
17. The Truancy Problem: Marcus Absent JG 53. When's The Revolution?: Millie Tant JG
18. Kangaroo Illnesses: Marcus Wallaby, M.D. 54. Why I Failed Math: Milo Grades
19. Don't Cry for Me: Marge and Tina 55. Between Ohio and Illinois: Mindy Anna Borders
20. Ship Mysteries: Marie Celeste 56. Decorating your Mousehole: Minnie Blinds l
21. Where to park your boat: Marina Dock 57. Many Are Cold, But Few Are Frozen: Minnie Sota JG
22. Repent At Leisure: Marion Hayste JG 58. Long Walk: Miss D. Bus j
23. Scuffed Floors: Mark Tupp JG 59. Errors and Accidents: Miss Takes and Miss Haps
24. The Letter Z: Marko Zorro 60. Car Capital Of The World: Mitch Egan JG
25. Care For A Chop?: Marsha Larts JG 61. Cut the Grass!: Moe Lawn
26. Military Rule: Marshall Law 62. Ohh, the Pain, the Pain!: Moe N. Groan
27. Quips For The Young At Heart: Marty Pants JG 63. The Porn Queen: Mona Lott JG
28. Happy New Year!: Mary Christmas 64. Gambling: Monty Carlos
29. Nice Hotels: Mary Ott i 65. Mexican Revenge: Monty Zuma
30. How to Type Squiggles: Matilda Key 66. No More Rifles!: Morgan Control JG
31. I Love Bullfighting: Matt Adore JG 67. The Gift of Life: Morgan Donation
32. Fire Me Up!: Matt Chez t 68. I Love Crowds: Morris Merrier
33. Home Decorating: Matt Emulsion v 69. Cut the Grass!: Moses Lawn b
34. Scandinavian Photography: Matt Finnish JG 70. Wouldn't You Know It: Murphy Slaw JG
35. Very Precise: Matt Iculous A 71. French Cars: Myra Neault k
36. Weepy Movie: Maud Lynn Story  

N Titles

1. I Disagree With That!: N. A. Sayer 10. Smoker's Cough: Nick O'Teen JG
2. Hypnotism: N. Tranced 11. It's a Holdup!: Nick R. Elastic
3. Noise is Forbidden!: Nada Loud 12. Dull Razor: Nick Shaving JG
4. East Coast Resorts: Nan Tuckett JG 13. Political Correctness: Noah Fence s
5. American College Athletics: Nancy Dubblelay JG 14. My Lost Causes: Noah Veil
6. Date on a Beach: Nash Carr 15. The Great Flood: Noah Zark JG
7. Ready to Party: Natalie Dressed 16. I'm an Atheist: Noel Noheaven
8. The Spiritual Life: Ned Itation l 17. Neither a Borrower: Nora Lender Bee
9. Ready for Knighthood: Neil Downe JG  

O Titles

1. I'm Always Hungry: O. B. City JG 10. Season Tickets: Oprah Maven l
2. Overweight Vegetables: O. Beets 11. Singin' and Shakin': Oprah Tic Tenor l
3. How to Yodel: O. Lea LeahyJA 12. Life Before Cars: Orson Buggy JG
4. Swedish Perfumeries: Ole Factory l 13. Pain in My Body: Otis Leghurts
5. The Peace Mission: Olive Branch JG 14. I Must Fix the Car!: Otto Doit
6. Without Warning: Oliver Sudden 15. The Industrial Revolution: Otto Mattick
7. Handel's Messiah: Ollie Luyah JG 16. He Disappeared!: Otto Sight
8. Surprised!: Omar Gosh 17. Money Management: Owen Cash o
9. The Empath: Ophelia Sadness JG  

PQ Titles

1. The Well-Appointed Irish Veranda: Paddy O'FurnitureJA 23. The Bog: Pete Maas JG
2. What We Need to Play Bridge: Paco Cards 24. In Farmer MacGregor's Garden: Peter Abbott JG
3. How to Read a Book: Paige Turner n 25. A Trail in the Sand: Peter Dragon JG
4. The Hidden Surprise: Pam Perz JG 26. Slowly Fades: Peter Out A
5. Preaching to Hell's Angels: Pastor Redlight 1 27. Home of the Liberty Bell: Phil A. Delphia l
6. What's Your Invention?: Pat Tent JG 28. The History Of Exxon: Phil Errup JG
7. Green Lawn Chairs: Patty O'Furniture JG 29. All About Orchestras: Phil Harmonic
8. Grave Mistakes: Paul Bearer 30. Exotic Irish Plants: Phil O'Dendron
9. Foot Problems of Big Lumberjacks: Paul Bunion 31. The Polarization Process: Phil Terrout A
10. Tug of War: Paul Hard 32. Unclean!: Phil Thee
11. Corporate Regulations: Paula C. Maker 33. We Have No Use for the Fine Arts: Phyllis Stein
12. Maritime Rules: Paula See i 34. Hollywood Gossip: Phyllis Zinn JG
13. The Lady Pirate: Peg Legg JG 35. Artificial Clothing: Polly Ester
14. Save Your Money!: Peggy Bank 36. Laughing In The White House: Polly Tickle
15. The Miracle Drug: Penny Cillin JG 37. How to Cook a Steak: Porter House n
16. Girl On a Budget: Penny Pincher k 38. Neat Shirts: Preston Ironed
17. Herbally Yours: Penny Royal w 39. Keep 'Em That Way: Private Parts l
18. Mexican/Italian Food: Pepe Roney JG 40. Long, Green Vegetables, Vol 1: Q. Cumber
19. The Candy Store: Pepper Mintz JG 41. Find Another Lonely Heart: Q. Pid A
20. Oppression of the Masses: Percy Kyution A 42. Chance Encounter at the Ball: Quincy Dance
21. Irish Dentistry: Perry O'Dontal JG 43. The Very Model of a Modern Major General: Quinn Tessence JG
22. Events In The Soviet Union: Perry Stroika JG 44. Third of Five: Quinn Tuplet

R Titles

1. Nail in the Bannister: R. Stornoff 23. Charlie and the Chocolate EXTERMINATE!: Roald Dahlek
2. Bigotry: Rachel Intolerance 24. Uncooked Proto-Soup: Rob Roth
3. How I Won The Marathon: Randy Hoelway JG 25. Armed Heists: Robin Banks
4. Indian, Italian and Spanish Cuisine: Ravi Oley JG 26. How to Tour the Prison: Robin Steele
5. Nobly Radioactive: Ray Don Gas 27. As Solid as...: Rocco Gibraltar b
6. Lawn Care: Ray King JG 28. Gone Fishing: Rod Annette 8
7. How to Overcome Stress: Ray Lachs k 29. Fish Story: Rod Enreel JG
8. Lewd Novels: Ray See C 30. Okee Dokee: Roger Wilco JG
9. Some Like It Hot: Red Pepper p 31. World of Bread: Roland Loag
10. About Army Units: Reggie Mantle 32. Meeting Places: Ron DeVoo r
11. Formal List: Reggie Stirr A 33. Go Away!: Ron Onhome JG
12. The Fortuneteller: Reid Palms JG 34. Baby Lions: Rory Kubbs
13. The Auto Salvage Business: Rex Toad JG 35. Gardening With The Ex-President: Rose Bush JG
14. Well-Spoken Predictions: Rhett Oracle 36. Cosmetology: Rosie Cheeks JG
15. Flowering Bushes: Rhoda Dendron 37. What Geologists Study: Roxanne Minerals
16. Get to the Point!: Rhonda Bout s 38. Wish I'd Never Been Born: Rudy Daye JG
17. I'm Exhausted!: Rhonda Marathon 39. The Housing Problem: Rufus Quick
18. I Was A Son Of A Buccaneer: Rich Kidd JG 40. Wind In The Maple Trees: Russell Ingleaves JG
19. Deflections: Rick O'Shea v 41. Small Vegetables: Russell Sprout JG
20. Weekend In Hong Kong: Rick Shaw JG 42. The Squeaking Gate: Rusty Hinges JG
21. Long Way Down: Rip Cord Broke l 43. Sandwich Making: Ryan Mayo JG
22. How to Succeed in School: Rita Book n  

S Titles

1. Ready...Set...: Sadie Word JG 31. You're Kidding!: Shirley U. Jest
2. Wake Up!: Sal Ammoniac 32. ...And Shut Up!: Sid Downe JG
3. Get Out There!: Sally Forth 33. Circle Perimeter: Sir Cumference h
4. Lizards of Fire: Sally Mander JA 34. Smooth Operator: Sir John Cutter
5. Songs from 'South Pacific': Sam and Janet Evening 35. The Effects of Alcohol: Sir Osis of Liver
6. Latin Dances for Sheep: Sam Baa 36. Cough Medicine: Sir Upp C
7. Still Looking For My Heart: Sam Francisco JG 37. Children's Songbook: Skip Tumalu JG
8. Imitating Mozart: Sam Phony l 38. Deceleration!: Sloane Down
9. I Can't See The Difference: Sam Ting JG 39. Defunct Nations: Sophie Etunion JG
10. A Warrior's Whiskey: Sam U. Rye 40. Too Rough: Soren Redd JG
11. Dan Quayle's Englush Skils: Sammy Literate 41. The Senior Prom: Spike Drink JG
12. Summer Vacation: Sandy and Shelley Beach B 42. Make your Marriage Work: Stan Byerman z
13. Southern California Waffles: Sandy Eggo JG 43. Life As A Comic: Stan Dupp JG
14. Brane Surjery Maid Simpel: Sarah Bellum JG 44. West Coast Universities: Stan Ford JG
15. All Alone: Saul E. Terry 45. Making Explosives: Stan Wellback o
16. Peeping Tom: Sawyer Scanties JG 46. NHL Hockey: Stanley Kupp JG
17. Let's see That Again!: Schlomo Replay 47. The Telltale Heart: Stefi Scope JG
18. How To Beat A Murder Rap: Scott Free JG 48. Working on the Docks: Steve Door
19. Holmes Does It Again: Scott Linyard JG 49. Manana: Stew Layt JG
20. Fancy Light Fixtures: Sean D'Olier v 50. Things to Cook Meat In: Stu Potts
21. Keeping Electronics Safe: Serge Protector 51. The French Chef: Sue Flay JG
22. Tailoring: Serge Soote JG 52. Long, Green Vegetables, Vol 2: Sue Keeny
23. Guarding the Door: Sergeant Atarms l 53. The Big Wave: Sue Nami c
24. Joys of Septic Tanks: Seth Poole JG 54. April Fool!: Sue Prize
25. Full Moon: Seymour Buns 55. Waste Water: Sue Ridgepipe v
26. Under the Bleachers: Seymour Butts l 56. Some Like it Sweet: Sugar Kane a
27. The Optician's Guide: Seymour Clearly A 57. Foot Coverings: Susan Socks JG
28. Rules For Living: Sharon Sharalike JG 58. It's Magic!: Sven Gali
29. Get Moving!: Sheik Aleg 59. Sectarian Conflicts: Sybil War
30. What's Going to be Happening Around the Mountain?: Shelby Coming  

TU Titles

1. Little Bitty Froggies: Tad Pole JG 18. Falling Trees: Tim Burr
2. What the Sun Does to Your Skin: Tanya Brown 19. My Life on Skid Row: Titus A. Drum JG
3. Preparing Leather: Tanya Hyde JG 20. Off To Market: Tobias A. Pigg
4. Coin Tossing: Taylor Hedd JG 21. Keep them in Suspense: Toby Continued
5. Bad Cow Jokes: Terry Bull 8 22. Battle Axes: Tom A. Hawk a
6. You Wash, I'll Dry: Terry Cloth JG 23. Wind Instruments: Tom Bone and O. Bowe y
7. Talkative Japanese: Terry Yaki 24. Banquet at McDonalds: Tommy Ayk JG
8. Trial Law: Tess Temoni JG 25. Chicago Gangs Of The '30's: Tommy Gunn JG
9. Sandpapers of the West: Tex Ture l 26. I've Tasted Bad Beverages, But This Is a …: Travis Tea
10. Who is She?: Thad Gurl JG 27. Turkish Cattle: Tristan Bull
11. Theft Among Arthropods: The Lieutenants l 28. Silly Rabbit: Trixie R. Forkids l
12. Musical Gunfighters: The Okay Chorale 29. Monday Solder: Tuesday Weld
13. What Mephistopheles Did: Thelma Soul 30. Ah, Thor!: Ty Till 7
14. How We Used to Shorten Trouser Legs: Theo Hemingway 31. Do It Yourself: Tyrone Shoelaces JG
15. The World's Deadliest Joke: Theophilus Punoval JG 32. Great Jazz Pianists: U. B. Blake
16. It's Springtime!: Theresa Green JG 33. I Win!: U. Lose
17. Whatchamacallit!: Thingum Bob  

VZ Titles

1. Why Clothing is Required in India: Vanessa Sari 21. Promises for Peace: Will Shake and Mae Kupp A
2. You're a Bundle of Laughs: Vera Funny 22. Fifty Yards to the Outhouse: Willy Makit and Betty Woant
3. Avoid that Pedestrian!: Vera Way A 23. Social Insecurity: Wilma Moneylast JG
4. Winning the Race: Vic Tree 24. Bad Gardeners: Wilt Plant
5. Sour Drinks Make Me Growl: Vinnie Grrr 25. Mobile Homes: Winnie Bago b
6. String Instruments: Viola Player 26. How to Succeed at Craps: Winona Seven
7. New Computer Games: Virgil Reality JG 27. If I Invited Him...: Woody Kum 3
8. Blowout!: Vlad Tire JG 28. Gunslingers with Gas: Wyatt Urp
9. The Cloning Service: W. Today 29. Engineering Instructor: Wyatt Works JG
10. Down the Drain: W.C. Flush 30. Stop Arguing: Xavier Breath
11. Positive Reinforcement: Wade Ago JG 31. That Woman Gives Me Deja-Vu: Xena Before A
12. Carpet Fitting: Walter Wall h 32. It's Unfair!: Y. Me
13. Woman in Danger!: Warner Quick 33. A Trip to the Dentist: Yin Pain
14. Judging Fast Food: Warren Berger 3 34. I Fly Da Plane: Yolanda Plane
15. Leo Tolstoy: Warren Peace 35. Playing with the Christmas Fire: Yule B. Sari m
16. Downpour!: Wayne Dwops 36. Christmas for Baldies: Yule Brynner
17. Life in Chicago: Wendy City 37. My Life in the Gutter: Yves Trough
18. That was Quick!: Wendy Dothat A 38. I Frighten Your Pets: Yvettes Office
19. Exploring The Dutch Frontier: Will Der Ness JG 39. Why is the Elephant on the Chair?: Zeke Amos
20. Just Say No: Will Power JG 40. It was Him!: Zoe Didit A

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