Human Stupidity

These files relate to dumb things people have done. Even if some turn out to just be urban legends, you just know there's someone out there dumb enough who could have done them...

Here is the entire set compiled into a single PDF file for your convenience: Dumb Folks PDF.

Stupidity-Related Sites

News of the Weird Site The dumb things that people do!
Darwin Awards Site People who remove themselves from the gene pool

Related to Legal Issues

Court Room Exchanges Silly things that have been said in court rooms
Strange Laws Why did people create these laws?
Sex laws Bizarre sex-related laws
Dumb Crooks Crooks without smarts
Dumb probation statements People on probation can say the strangest things...
Car Insurance Claims How people try to explain accidents
Welfare claims Some interesting statements on welfare forms
What not to say to a cop Humour, not based on real things people have done
Traffic exam answers Things people have written for traffic exams

Satire on Dumb Things

The Dilbert Site Many say that Dilbert is not satire, it's real life
Dumb C & W Song Titles Real Country and Western song titles, which make you wonder...
Santa Downsizes A good shot at the 90's corporate mentality
Buzzword Bingo A game to play while in meetings with empty cliché-spouting folks
France travel info A satire written around the time France hosted the World Cup of soccer
Freud on Seuss The politically correct version of The Cat in the Hat
Politically Correct Riding Hood What the loathsome Politically Correct would like us to read
Consumer Product Diversity A satirical (I hope!) look at consumer product diversity vs biodiversity
Government Travel Memorandum Ways for government employees on trips to reduce expenses.
Hu's On First A spoof of the famous Abbot and Costello routine, by James Sherman.
School 1977 vs 2007 How times have changed

English Translation Failures

Odd Signs Strange signs (in English) from around the world
Silly Instructions Instructions that don't quite make sense
Strange Slogans English advertising slogans that don't make it in other languages
Interview with Madonna Madonna gave an interview to a Hungarian magazine, with odd results
Strange English subtitles The subtitles are just as confusing as the movies

Dumb Things that People Do

Haircut nightmare How not to give your wife a haircut
What not to do with crazy glue What do you get when you cross a rhino with an idiot?
Embarrassing moments Things that happen that make you wish you were dead...
Darwin Awards Some old files sent to me. See the above link for the site
Silly quotes Why you should think before you speak
Dumb sports quotes As above, but in a sports context
Dumb Folks 1 Some dumb things people have done
Dumb Folks 2 More dumb things people have done
Dumb Folks 3 And even more dumb things people have done
Quiz Show Answers Silly answers given during British quiz shows. (NEW: March 30, 2008!)


Dumb travelers Dumb things (American, of course) tourists have said
Dumb park questions Questions the park rangers have faced
Dumb genealogy questions Dummies want to find their ancestors
Headlines and Ads Strange newspaper headlines and advertisements
Silly (British) News bites More strange news stories
Medical summary goofs Even medical reports are not immune from strange things
Bad airplane landings What has been said after some hard landings
Resume no-nos Would you hire these people?
Dumb job interviews Or these people?
Dan Quayle Quotes This list belongs in no other category!
Letters to landlords Even dummies need a place to live
Hollywood Squares quotes Funny quotes from the Hollwood Squares TV Show

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