The Twisted Tales of Harold Reynolds

These are some of the twisted tales that I wrote during my time in London Central Secondary School (note that here in Ontario high school goes to Grade 13, though it was phased out long ago) and into my first year undergrad at the University of Western Ontario. They started as a strange competition between myself and two friends in Grade 9 English as to who could write the sickest stories for the creative writing part of the class. It soon became clear that I had the more demented imagination. Why I continuted in this vein for the next six years I'll never know, and I'm sure the long-suffering English teachers at the school won't either. Come to think of it, I don't know why I wasn't called in for a psychological evaluation either, as I'm sure these things could indicate a severely disturbed kid. However, I was a good student, did very well in all my classes and, as far as I know, was generally well-liked by the students in a large number of the various cliques, probably because I was square as a brick and made no bones about it. (The corners have rounded a bit since then, but I'm still fundamentally square...)

So here they are for the world to read, each with a small introduction to place it in context. In what will probably prove to be a futile attempt to dodge copyright infringement, I have changed Smurf to Snuff and Sesame Street to Poppy Street. For some reason I really had it in for those shows. I hope that you enjoy them!

Harold Reynolds.

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  1. Poppy Street in the Snow, the first of the lot. The Poppy Streeters enjoy a Winter Olympics all their own.
  2. The Snuffs, in which we are introduced to the Snuffs as we never see them on TV.
  3. The Great Poppy Street War, the immediate sequel to The Snuffs, in which everyone gets embroiled in a huge war, and introduces Roland McDownal and the Burper King.
  4. Hallowe'en on Poppy Street, in which we discover what we don't want to have happen during Hallowe'en.
  5. Poppy Street Mangles Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet was never like this...
  6. Snore Leave, in which we are introduced to Star Drek and the world of the U.S.S. Improvise.
  7. Casper the Cheesecake, my first really long story. Foods come to life through a botched spell by a crazy TV cook.
  8. The Poppy Street War Games, in which we see Survival Games in a new light.
  9. Poppy Street at the Beach : Sun, surf, sand, and slaughter. Roland and Burper King return.
  10. Poppy Street Central, my second long effort, focused on some of the cast of crazies at one of Poppy Street's major high schools.
  11. Snuff (Un)Sporting Activities, golf unsanctioned by the PGA Tour.
  12. The Inspection, the Improvise is back, trying to dodge a mandatory ship inspection.
  13. The Story of Harold Punster, unrelated to my other tales, but an attempt to save a role playing game character from an unfortunate end.
  14. Revolution in Poppy Street, the last (and perhaps greatest?) of the lot, winding everything up, at least for now.

Send comments to me, Harold Reynolds. I'm interested in your opinions! Trust me, I'm really a normal guy now. Honest.

The More Normal Tales of Harold Reynolds

After many long years of not writing, I may have started up again...

  1. Harold's Punny Christmas Trip to the Office, some silliness put together for the sole purpose of putting a lot of Christmas puns into a semi-lucid narrative. December 19, 2019.
  2. Moose Marston and Me, the result of my wondering how the fictional me would have encountered the equally fictional Moose Marston. July 31, 2020.
  3. A Visit from Santa, my contribution to the company's virtual Christmas party of 2020.

The Erotic Novels of Harold Reynolds

I started writing what would eventually be called Ridiculust on June 22, 2018 as a love story featuring a lonely widow and widower, but with the addition that the man likes puns. Then he discovers that saying a pun will cause something magical to happen, with the event related to the content of the pun. The end of "Day 1" is the end of that story, but I kept thinking "what happens next?" So I continued writing. I don't want to have any spoilers, but after the relatively slow start in Day 1, the other chapters introduce new characters and more interesting events as the strength of the magic increases and the man is not the only one who can use it.

There are plenty of "adult" activities, albeit not equally distributed amongst the chapters of what turned out to be a novel of more than 113,000 words. There is also a lot of humour, as I find ways to exploit strange things. Not to mention plenty of puns. We need more humour, especially now. And with all of the tens of thousands of stories on Literotica, I'm pretty sure that Ridiculust is unique.

Linking to the story, which is hosted on Literotica, is a significant exception to the focus of my site, which is intended to be family-friendly. I started publishing it one chapter at a time at the beginning of October, 2020. The first chapter starts a bit slowly (little "adult activity"), but it lays the foundation for what is to come, so please don't stop with it! I hope that you enjoy it!

And the usual disclaimer: if you are not of the age at which you can legally access erotic stories in your jurisdiction, please wait until you are! I can't stop you, of course, but I have to put in the warning...

  1. Ridiculust, Day 1, Chapter 1 Roger saves Sarah in an unorthodox manner.
  2. Ridiculust, Chapter 2 Sarah thanks Roger for saving her.
  3. Ridiculust, Chapter 3 Roger and Sarah learn more about each other.
  4. Ridiculust, Chapter 4 A concert in the park ends with a bang, thanks to Roger.
  5. Ridiculust, Chapter 5 Roger and Sarah end the day together lovingly in his room.
  6. Ridiculust, Day 2, Chapter 6 Sarah takes Roger home, but their desire is interrupted.
  7. Ridiculust, Chapter 7 Roger lovingly reconnects with his old flame Debbie.
  8. Ridiculust, Chapter 8 Debbie and Sarah discover their powers.
  9. Ridiculust, Chapter 9 Three ghostly visitors make them reflect on the past.
  10. Ridiculust, Chapter 10 They save a tree in the park and come home to a surprise.
  11. Ridiculust, Chapter 11 They are visited by three spirits, with sexy results.
  12. Ridiculust, Day 3, Chapter 12 Roger and Debbie lovingly make their way back to Julia's.
  13. Ridiculust, Chapter 13 Sarah travels to Julia's. A spell is unleashed.
  14. Ridiculust, Chapter 14 Roger and Jeannie finally make love in the grove of trees.
  15. Ridiculust, Chapter 15 Dinners are eaten. Jeannie reveals some info on magic.
  16. Ridiculust, Chapter 16 Dream sex is not subject to physical constraints.
  17. Ridiculust, Chapter 17 The Concert for the Trees finally begins.
  18. Ridiculust, Chapter 18 The Concert is a success and everyone goes home.

The Other Erotic Stories

As it turns out, I didn't burn out my creativity with Ridiculust. Some ideas had been percolating in my brain for a while, and over the span of a couple of weeks, I wrote the first of what will has become a new series about a traveling Healer who finally decides to settle down, only to find more adventures in the town of Magwitch than he was expecting.

  1. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 01 Harold and Leila cure Tom's fertility problem. (January 19, 2021)
  2. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 02 Leila decides to finally get married to Harold. (June 2, 2021)
  3. Harold the Healer Brings Home a Dog. Harold returns to Magwitch, rescuing a dog en route. (August 27, 2021)
  4. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 03 Leila's plans for marrying Harold hit a serious snag. (September 24, 2021)
  5. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 04 There is good news for Harold and the town. (November 18, 2021)
  6. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 05 Harold and Leila finally get married. (December 25, 2021)
  7. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 06 Ghosts are gathering in Magwitch the day after the wedding. (May 14, 2022)
  8. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 07 The horde of ghosts is given a party before they cross over. (July 10, 2022)
  9. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 08 Harold visits a traveling fair in the Northlands. (October 24, 2022)
  10. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 09 Harold travels to the Capital to collect a prize. (March 20, 2023)
  11. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 10 How Harold and Leila met. (June 6, 2023)
  12. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 11 Summer Solstice Day in Magwitch. (November 29, 2023).
  13. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 12 Harold realizes that there is a place he can call home. (March 20, 2024).
  14. The Chronicles of Harold the Healer, Chapter 13 Harold helps a horse and helps himself. (June 16, 2024).

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