Viral E-Mails Index Page

The pages linked in the index below have all been sent to me as "viral" e-mails. I get quite a few, but I decided to keep these ones because of the quality of the pictures they contained. Some are cute, some are amazing, some are definitely fake, and I (in my humble opinion) think they all deserve a look.

Some tools ... ... and how to use them. Or misuse them, as is more usually the case. Added April 5, 2013.
Some Cute Pet Pictures Some cute captioned pet pictures, probably from Added January 4, 2013.
Pencil Tip Art An unidentified artist carves remarkable things in the graphite of pencil tips! Added January 1, 2012.
Montréal Topiary Garden Pictures from a marvellous garden and topiary exhibition in Montréal in the summer of 2006 (I think). Added October 15, 2010.
Hay bale art I never thought that hay bales could be made into art forms, until now. Added September 4, 2010.
Egg faces Some warped person(s) drew faces on eggs in "interesting" situations. Added September 4, 2010.
A cat's busy day A cute little "photostory" about a cat's day. Added September 3, 2010.
Miscellaneous Pictures A selection of really good pictures, some of which may be "fake", but all are still worth looking at. Added September 3, 2010.
Origami with dollar bills Other ways to use (American) dollar bills. Very original... Added September 2, 2010.
Highway pictures Great pictures of roads, along with some humourous takes on age. Added September 2, 2010.
It's been a tough year... Some humour about the tough economic times. Added August 27, 2010.
Sand sculptures Some sand sculptures of a superior quality from a contest in Oregon. Added July 3, 2010.
Murals on buildings I hate to keep using the word "amazing" when describing pictures, so these ones are, um, incredible... Added April 27, 2010.
Paintings on feathers Amazingly detailed paintings on feathers. Added April 25, 2010.
Accidents The results of some unfortunate accidents, recorded for posterity. Added April 25, 2010.
Amazing Chalk Drawings By Justin Beever and Edward Mueller.
Funny Animal Pictures Some amusing animal pictures, probably from
Painted Cats Either some people go to the trouble of getting their cats "painted", or else these are remarkably good fake pictures. Either way, they're very interesting photographs!
Cat Bath Pictures Some thoughts (and pictures) on cat baths, by The Cat
Less-Than-Spectacular Failures Human stupidity at its finest. Visit FailBlog for more!
Tricks of perspective Photos taken with forced perspective to create some interesting visual surprises.
Cute panda pictures Adorable panda pictures, complete with clever captions (not by me, of course).
Momma Duck gets help A heartwarming story about how a mother duck gets help shepherding her babies to the water in downtown San Antonio, Texas.
Animal "Identity Theft" Photoshopped pictures of animals "trying to fit in" with others.
Hand Art Someone, whose name was not included in the e-mail (typical), makes art by painting his hands. Amazing!

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