Montreal Topiary Garden Pictures

Received: October 15, 2010. These pictures show that art can be created in many forms, including plants and shrubs (topiary). These are some pictures (many others are on the web) that I received that were taken in Montréal, Canada, during the summer of 2006 (I think). Mosaiculture is a traveling exhibition of botanical art. I'm sure the pictures hardly do the real things justice, but here they are anyway. Thanks to the unknown (for now) person who put them in the nice "frames".
December 13, 2012: I received an email yesterday from an organizer of an exhibition coming in the summer of 2013:

"We’re also pleased to inform you that the competition’s upcoming edition has returned to Québec after a 10-year absence. MOSAÏCULTURES INTERNATIONALES MONTRÉAL 2013 (MIM2013) will be held from June 22 to September 29, 2013 at the Montréal Botanical Garden—A Space for Life. To make this unique and spectacular event better known, we’ve created a brand-new website: We would be very grateful if you would once more consent to post this information on your site, whether by publishing a text on the upcoming competition or adding a link to the new site."

So, I have! I hope it works out! I'll have to see if I can go...

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