Poot! The Card Game

For the juvenile set, and those who are juvenile at heart, here is a new card game to waste your time and try everyone else's patience. The objective of Poot is to inflict Embarrassment Points on your opponent with Attack Cards, which represent Poots (farts) of varying degrees of noise and potency. Your opponent has the opportunity to defend him/herself with Defence Cards that reduce, or perhaps even entirely negate, the attack. Then it's your opponent's turn to attack! After all cards have been played, the winner is the one with the fewest Embarrassment Points.

Each card has a Base Attack (or Defence) for Noise and Stink, plus additional points that are available based on flipping a coin a number of times. Heads, you get the extra point, tails you don't.

The PDF File contains instructions, as well as all 36 Attack and 36 Defence Cards. Print them, cut them out and you're ready to play! The design is, of course, very plain, as I'm not a graphic artist, and all I have available is OpenOffice (which lets you export directlt to PDF). Plus I'm not sure if it's even any good, but what the heck. I have 4 small boys at home who think this sort of thing is funny (as small boys tend to).

Your input will be greatly appreciated. Constructive criticism only please. 8-) Any suggestions for other Attacks (or especially Defences) will also be appreciated. Mail me with your commments! And if you think I don't have a life, you are 100% correct... 8-)

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