Miscellaneous Humour

(How can one not have a miscellaneous section in a collection of anything?)


Chemistry Carols The familiar tunes reworked to a chemistry theme
Chemistry Word Search Search for the elements in this large word search
The X-Mas Files Mulder and Scully investigate the mystery of Christmas
Why Santa can't exist A Grinch debunks the Santa myth
Why Santa is really a woman Santa can't be a man -- he lacks certain qualities
A New Bra for Christmas The next Country and Western hit!
A Visit from Santa Santa comes to visit me in a dream, and regrets it.
AOL interviews the Easter Bunny How an AOL interview with The Easter Bunny could go
Letter to Santa from a Mom What a mother really wants for Christmas

Other Stuff

Fun with penguins Why some people shouldn't be allowed to fly jet fighters
Rum Cake Recipe Why one should not drink and bake
The OJ Simpson trial, by Dr. Seuss Where people behaved like children, by the children's author
Tax Humour Relatively risk-free ways to annoy the IRS
Chili judge experience A novice chili judge gets hot under the collar
Do It Yerself Country/Western Song You too can write a C & W tune!
C&W Songmaker A Unix shell script that lets you create your own Country and Western song
How to sing the Blues You too can sing the blues, with these easy tips
A Tandem Story An extreme example of how this literary form can go wrong
Truth about Lamaze class Expectant fathers (and those who would be) must read this...
Fitness club gift Never give your spouse this gift for Christmas
Proudly Canadian Reasons to be proud to be a Canadian (as opposed to American)
English language funnies Two illustrations of why English is such an annoying language
New Corporate Policies Some Dilbert-like things that could happen to you
Aviation Rules The real rules of the air!
Fake Horoscopes Six fake sets of horoscopes written during my high school years.
South Carolina Hurricane Bulletin A (fake, of course) hurricane bulletin for South Carolina.
The Return of the King Things not to say while watching Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
I am a Programmer! Based on an amusing commercial for Molson Canadian beer, aired in 2002.
Barbecue Dad's Play List These songs could form the core of "Barbecue Dad, the Musical", should it ever be created.

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