Joke and Humour Lists

This is a collection of a large number of sets of jokes that are either collections, as in the elephant jokes, or in the form of lists.

Famous Last Words Famous last words of role-playing game characters (funny!)
Air Traffic Control Humour Funny things that air traffic controllers have experienced
Clever Anagrams Rearrange letters in words to form other words; some good ones
More Anagrams I made a bunch using Anagram Genious' web server, before they wised up and only provide one. Nuts to them!
Brain Teasers Questions to see how well you think
Cow Economics Economic theory as applied to bovines
Cultural differences Differences between Canadians, British, Australians and Americans
Do you need to diet? Ways to tell if you're getting a wee bit mass-enhanced
How to ditch telepests Funny ways to blow off those annoying telemarketers
Fake greeting cards Greeting cards we'll never see (but could actually use...)
Fake nursery rhymes Nursery rhymes we would like to see
Why it's good to be a guy Many reasons why being male is great
The good old days The "Good Old Days" "remembered"
More fun with English: grammar Demonstrations of how not to do English grammar
Horoscope Light Bulbs Opinions of different zodiacal signs on changing a light bulb
Life in 2002 You know you are in 2002 because...
Life Lessons Things that one can learn in life
Age Jokes Jokes about getting old
Martha Stewart Are you being stalked, a "diary excerpt"
Are you a 70's child? How to tell if you were a child in the 1970's
State mottos should be? New mottos for the American states
Operating Room Humour What not to hear during surgery
Drinking too much coffee? How to tell if caffeine is running your life
Two Top 10 Lists Reasons to go to work naked, and if your Amish teen is in trouble
Useful tips and hints Lots of things that you would never have thought of
Why ask why? (and answers!) Questions that should be asked more often. Updated January 7, 2011.
Are you in... How to tell if you are in New York, Alaska, the Midwest...
Why to be Canadian Top 10 reasons to live in each province in Canada
You may be from Toronto How to tell if you are from Toronto (Canada)
Are you a Canadian? Some ways to tell if you are a Canadian
Condolences for the Queen Mother Some unexpurgated entries of the condolences book for the death of the (English) Queen Mother.
How to Have Fun in a Department Store Some annoying things to do while you're waiting for someone in a department store.
25 Signs that you have grown up It's sad but true -- you're not as young as you used to be. How many of these are true for you?
Toronto punny word search Search for the hidden words and fill in the blanks to make (bad) Toronto-related puns. (Added April 13, 2010.)
Geography punny crossword A crossword puzzle for punsters, featuring geographical terms. (Added April 18, 2010.)
Murphy's Laws A very small subset of the infamous laws on how things will go wrong. (Added December 30, 2011.)
Qantas Airplane Mechanics How mechanics respond to gripes of pilots. (Added December 30, 2011.)
"Paraprosdokians" "Figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected." (Added January 7, 2012.)
Golf Humour Some humour for the golfers out there. (Added April 24, 2016.)
Musical Terms Musical terms, with a twist. (Added February 28, 2018.)

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