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Pre-menstrual syndrome = My partner's demons rule

The top 10 anagrams of Barney the Dinosaur:
Hated? Sure! Brainy? No!(What the world really thinks of him!)
Trendy, heinous Arab(Aha! The link to Bin-Laden and world conquest!)
Absurd, inane theory(He dismisses rumours of his world conquest agenda)
Ensure on a birthday(To brainwash kids at their parties)
House-train by a nerd(Part of his life story, ruthlessly suppressed)
Shy nude aberration(Another suppressed facet of his childhood)
Hero and tiny abuser(The two faces of Barney)
The nearby dinosaur(A stuffed effigy must be in every kid's bedroom)
He's an ordinary tube(Tube of what? Do we want to know?)
Rude heroin by Satan(The other link to the ultimate evil)

Harold David Reynolds (me) Jeannine Mariette Reynolds (my wife) James Robb Reynolds (my brother)
Heavy, sordid landlord Learn in steadier enjoyment Jeers by bald morons
Sad and horridly loved Lenient and serene majority Abler job syndromes
Drivel and shady drool Jeer neat serenity in old man Bossy major blender
Hardly loved androids Latrines enjoy neater denim Army jeers bold snob
Dodos handled rivalry Alien restrained enjoyment More jobless brandy
His love-lorn dryad dad Eminent jester or inane lady Joy bombs slanderer
Hoard silver noddy lad Enjoy sentential remainder My rare job boldness
Horridly novel, sad dad Eminent ones jeer radiantly Bled by major snores
Harridans loved oddly An interrelated enemy joins Old man robs by jeers
Hard liars loved Noddy And I jeer enemy intolerants Random jeers by slob

Joshua Morgan Reynolds (son #1) Ian Alexander Reynolds (son #2) Curtis Arthur Reynolds (son #3)
Joyous and rash mongrel Sexy nerd or an alien lad Laundry's rich tortures
Jargon on humorless day Relax insanely dear Don Cute star runs horridly
Jealous, shy, grand moron No relaxed randy aliens Your third-class return
Sane major hogs roundly Relax. Ideal nerds annoy Raunchier trusty lords
Major annoys huge lords Relaxed, noisy, anal nerd Ordinary hurts cluster
Loony major gun dashers Relaxed lies annoy. Darn! Scoundrels hurt rarity
Joyous, rash, grand lemon O Dear! Insanely lax nerd Hourly, drastic returns
My honored gas journals Annex drearily and lose His trendy, ultra cursor
Joyless or human dragon Drearily annex on deals Unclear hurry distorts
Joy and humorless groan Inane landlord sexy ear Crudest harlotry ruins

Ian MacDonald Underhill (stepfather-in-law) Rochelle Eleanor Roberts (mother-in-law) Dylan Douglas Reynolds (son #4)
Dull chairman dandelionHealer or nobler selector Young lady slanders old
Loud children and animalEnable cholesterol error Good lady snarls nudely
Dull hair and nice old manBell crooners relate hero Sound nags really oddly
Laid human, nice landlordLethal beer crooner loser Ugly Londoner slays dad
Anchor a dull-minded nailHello able tenor sorcerer An odour gladdens slyly
Mail unchained landlordHello! Crooners alter beer Odd angel slays roundly
Mean child and old urinalNoble rolls recreate hero Sound gladdens royally
An odd, null, idle chairmanTell a noble hero sorcerer Gonads sun really oddly
Rich, annual, idled old manAlcohol or treble sneerer Sunny, odd allegory lads
An anal, dull-minded choirSerene brothel or ace roll Glossy, annoyed dullard

From the world of my workplace

Marketing Department Production Department
Tempt kind, greater man Impotent and corrupted
Pretend matter making I'm protected and torn up
Mad king pretreatment Admit unprotected porn
Darker men attempting Romanced potted turnip
Attempt remaking nerd Prompt decent duration
Permitted German tank Pattern in odd computer
Repent matter mad king Odd tantrum perception
Prank mad gent termite Produced impotent rant
Kinder, German attempt Compound tired pattern
Tank tempting dreamer Crude and potent import

Statistician Don RhimChris Wood Marketing Manager GIS Manager Harold Reynolds
That's discrimination!Come in, hard-working megastar Harmlessly groaning or dead
A distinction harms itOK! I am a screwing grandmother Hell's rearranging doomsday
Attractions diminishWarm something croaking dear Grey and handsomer gorillas
Administrations itchKids warm magnetic gonorrhea Gay, handsomer nerd gorillas
This idiotic man rantsAn emetic, hard-working orgasm Large dasher moons daringly
And it is this romanticAm ranking mediocre warthogs Large moron reads dashingly
His timid transactionGimmicks water and gonorrhea Oh My God! liar nags slanderer
It isn't a rich saintdomI'm the crook warm and greasing Dream gangs really dishonor
This manic idiot rantsGotcha! sneakier, mad ringworm Dashingly grander saleroom
It is not a rancid smithArrogant gimmicks adhere now Largely ironhanded orgasms
Irish intact saintdomO Dear Me! a worst, charming king Laggardly, modern hoariness
Ditch insomnia artistWhacking, dire megastar moron Large and ogrishly ransomed
It isn't an idiots charmAmen! to hard-working grimaces .
This main distractionDemoniac warthogs remarking .
This smart indicationKind warthogs or American gem .

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