Humor Relating to Kids, Men and Women

Like most of the stuff in my humor archives, these items have been floating around on the Internet for years (as the date stamps on the files show), with no attribution to the original authors. These particular files deal with children in one way or another, either as things they have supposedly said or written, or humour that relates to children's outlook on life.


What kids can teach us Things that kids can teach us that we would rather not know
What kids say Kids say the darndest things. Added February 26, 2011.
Kids talk about love Love, seen through the eyes of children
Kids' letters to God Things kids say to God
Kids and music What kids think about music
Unusual kids' books Children's books you'll never see
Strange student answers Funny things that have been given as test answers.
Kids' test responses More funny test answers
Kids' Religion Bloopers Funny answers for questions about religion
Kids' Deep Thoughts Deep Thoughts, not from Jack Handey, but from kids
God as a parent God has no more success in child-management than we do.
A mother's dictionary Definitions of words from a mother's point of view
Embarrassing moments Embarrassing moments caused by kids.
What Mother Taught Me Lots of things that mother taught me

Men and Women

A Parenting Test Are you ready to become a parent? Try this "test" to see...
If men really ruled the world Proof that men really don't run things
Another test for men If you choose answer "C" for any of these, you could be in trouble
Manspeak and Womanspeak Manspeak and womanspeak translations
Jokes about men Jokes at the expense of men
Quotes about men and women Humour at the expense of the sexes
Changing Oil How men and women change their car's oil
Men and Women: Differences Differences between men and women in 2 different lists
Stag Party Questions Multiple-choice questions you can ask at a stag party
A Mom's Letter to Santa What a mother really wants for Christmas.
Hints for Women Hints for women on how to handle men, from the men.
New Drugs for Women Some helpful new drug ideas for women.

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