School/College Related Humour

These files relate to school or college, and strange things that have, or could conceivably have, happened. The PDF file has it all in one place for your convenience.

College application An amusing essay to fill a requirement for a college application
No professorship for Mozart Why Mozart wouldn't get a professorship at a university
Course reviews Some uncensored opinions of college/university courses
Professor-speak translation What the professor really means
Funny excuses Strange reasons why students didn't make it in
College pecking order The order of importance of people at a university
Strange Analogies Some truly strange analogies that have appeared in essays
Weird science Interesting responses to science questions
The Final Exam Questions you do not want to see in your exam
Thesis defence no-nos Don't try these tricks at your defense
Graduate student jokes Various jokes about graduate students
College Football North & South Football is taken somewhat more seriously Down South
Grade review form Helpful if you wish to have your mark reviewed

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