Working Life

These files relate directly to working life in one form or another. All have been floating around the Internet for some time, and have now found a home here.
Corporate America Signs that you work in the 90's Corporate America
Have you been working too long? More in the same vein as above
Work burnout Are you burned out from work? More in the same vein as above.
Fun in elevators 100 annoying (to others) but fun things to do in elevators
How to annoy others More ways to annoy people that don't involve elevators
Fun in the bathroom Even more ways to annoy people, this time in washrooms
Keep your workplace nuts And yet more ways to annoy people at work
Excuses for napping Caught snoozing at work? Try these out!
Prison vs work There ARE differences, and guess which one seems better?
Manager types Different types of managers and how they "work"
Management adaptability test A fake test to determine your adaptability to bad situations
Strange memos Dilbert-like quotes from management memos to the cube warriors
Reasons to miss work Some creative excuses to skip work for a day
Job poetry Work-related Haiku. More wanted!
Improve your language! Suggested phrases for improving communication at the office.

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