Religion-Based Humour

A set of humour files on various topics related to religion. Several are links to files in my other humour categories pages.

Funny and Jewish Satirical Jewish humour, amusing for anyone.
No tenure for God Why God wouldn't get tenure at a university
Bible Humor If the Bible were written by college students
Ask Dr. Laura Some direct questions about some archaic "laws" in the Bible. A great slam against Bible-thumping fundamentalists
What would Jesus drive? Vehicular humour applied to the Bible.
The Ship of Fools Self-described as the "Magazine of Christian Unrest". It collects strange and funny things about Christian religion.
Types of bread for Tashlich Tashlich is a Jewish ceremony during Rosh Hashanah in which bread crumbs are thrown into water. Find out which type you should toss in...
God must break up Probably a shot at the courts going after Microsoft...
Church Bloopers Odd things that have turned up in church bulletins
Turmoil in Heaven A clever shot at the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky issue
Kids' letters to God Things kids say to God
Kids' Religion Bloopers Funny answers for questions about religion
God as a parent God has no more success in child-management than we do.
In the beginning... God creates foods for the new creations, and Satan undermines him.
Do you attend a redneck church? Find out here!
Are you a Jewish redneck? Ways to tell!
God as a computer programmer Interview with God the Programmer
Religious Jokes A catch-all for various religious jokes.
Hymns A catch-all for various religious jokes.

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