Religion-Based Humour

A set of humour files on various topics related to religion. Several are links to files in my other humour categories pages.

Here is the entire set compiled into a single PDF file for your convenience: Religion PDF.

Funny and Jewish Satirical Jewish humour, amusing for anyone.
No tenure for God Why God wouldn't get tenure at a university
Bible Humor If the Bible were written by college students
Ask Dr. Laura Some direct questions about some archaic "laws" in the Bible. A great slam against Bible-thumping fundamentalists
What would Jesus drive? Vehicular humour applied to the Bible.
The Ship of Fools Self-described as the "Magazine of Christian Unrest". It collects strange and funny things about Christian religion.
Types of bread for Tashlich Tashlich is a Jewish ceremony during Rosh Hashanah in which bread crumbs are thrown into water. Find out which type you should toss in...
God must break up Probably a shot at the courts going after Microsoft...
Church Bloopers Odd things that have turned up in church bulletins
Turmoil in Heaven A clever shot at the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky issue
Kids' letters to God Things kids say to God
Kids' Religion Bloopers Funny answers for questions about religion
God as a parent God has no more success in child-management than we do.
In the beginning... God creates foods for the new creations, and Satan undermines him.
Do you attend a redneck church? Find out here!
Are you a Jewish redneck? Ways to tell!
God as a computer programmer Interview with God the Programmer
Religious Jokes A catch-all for various religious jokes.
Hymns Hymns for various professions.

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