Long Lists

The lists in this section are all very long, and will provide many hours of reading and groaning.

Cartoon Laws of Physics The laws of physics as they apply in Cartoon Land
Why the chicken crossed the road Many different opinions on why the poultry crossed the asphalt
Deep Thoughts List A large collection of funny quotes from Saturday Night Live
Elephant Jokes The (enormous!) canonical collection of pachyderm humour
Learn from the movies! All sorts of stuff that happens only in movies
Rodney Dangerfield Lines A collection of his jokes Warning: most of these are offensive to one degree or another, especially to women
The Sh*t lists Why the brown stuff happens, according to religions and professions
Steven Wright Jokes A large collection of quotes from the comedian with dead-pan delivery
Tom Swifties List One-liners where the adverb makes the pun
Triva Fascinating, but ultimately useless, trivia (at least some of which is actually urban legends)
More Deep Thoughts I don't know if these are from "Jack Handey" or are just look-alikes.

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