Humor Relating to Technology

Being a computer programmer myself (mostly GIS-related work), I can appreciate all of the technology -related stuff that I've received over the years. I am also a major Star Trek addict (and have been for many years). Since you can't have Star Trek without the technology, I've put my (tiny) Star Trek humour collection in here.

Star Trek Humour

Star Trek TNG Drinking Game Add some "spirit" to your Star Trek viewing experience
Microsoft's Star Trek What would happen if Microsoft software ran the Enterprise
Never on Star Trek What never happens on Star Trek
Star Trek by Dr. Seuss An episode that could bave been created by the children's author


AOL User's Diary A fictitious example of the newbies
A Networking Christmas Two versions of The Night Before Christmas, computer style
Politically Correct Unix Another well-deserved shot at political correctness
Diary of a Digital Homeowner What could happen to the future home
McDonnell-Douglas product survey Tell us how you like our planes!
Job opening in the Dark Side Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace created a new job opportunity...
Wife Operating System The wife as a operating system
The Spell-Checker Poem Why a spell-checker will never replace a human proof-reader
Poe Meets Dos Poe's masterpiece "The Raven", technologically enhanced
If cars were like computers What would happen if cars were like computers
If people bought cars like computers... Examples of "car newbies".
Disk Storage Tips How you should really store your disks... not!
Computer Christmas carols Your favourite seasonal tunes, technologically enhanced
Computer drug addiction Drug users and software developers compared
What is electricity? Some "shocking" facts about it
How the Internet Began According to the "Bible".


Computer Terms for Parents Computer terminology applied to kids
Computer Geek Test Are you a computer scientist or an engineer?
Has Technology Taken Over Your Life? Several ways to find out!
Are you online too much? Ways you can find out...
Are you an E-Mail Junkie? (jpg) Ways you can find out...
Operating System Airlines Operating systems described in terms of airlines
Computer Beer Operating systems compared to brews
The Install from Hell Sometimes, things just don't want to work for you.
Computer Viruses A list of fictitious and humourous computer viruses
New computer terms Definitions of new terms that may or may not enter English
Computer acronym list Funny interpretations of common computer acronyms
The Hacker's Tarot Deck Taro Cards for computer types
Mistakes best avoided Try not to make these mistakes...
Engineer Jokes Ten jokes about engineers
Why computers must be male/female Reasons for both arguments
Encounters With Idiots Humorous computer support situations. Updated March 30, 2008!
Mouse Balls An IBM internal memo that can be read two ways
Why Deep Blue will beat you A few reasons why you aren't up to the challenge
Career choices Should you become an astronaut, a fireman or a sysadmin?
Error message haikus More elegant ways to say that you have screwd up
God as a computer programmer Interview with God the Programmer
Answering machine messages Funny answering machine messages
Help your Tech Support guy Give your tech support guy (or gal) a break!

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