Miscellaneous Animal-Related Links

Below are a number of links to various non-cat and non-dog critters, some on my site and some on other sites. Enjoy!

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The Bad Bird List Updated June 11, 2006
The Bad Bunny List Updated January 1, 2007
The Bad Guinea Pig, Bad Hamster Lists (Now with Bad Chinchilla and Bad Hedgehog!) Updated January 1, 2007
The Bad Ferret List Updated February 28, 2007
The Bad Horse, Bad Mule Lists Bad Mule Updated January 1, 2007
Bad Iguana List (Now with Bad Snake and Bad Bearded Dragon!) Updated February 27, 2005
Cat and Dog Tag Lines Items to add to a .signature
Humourous Pet Anecdotes Pretty much what the caption says.
And God created pets... Why we have pets
The Iguana Way Iguana equivalent to Cat Rules
An iguana designated driver? A drunk lets his lizard drive him home
Baby Raccoon Somebody trying to raise a baby raccoon
A Bird's Diary An "Excerpt" from a bird's diary
Pet poetry Poetry relating to pets, including Iguana haiku.

Animal Shelter Site Links

Most of you readers don't live anywhere near these shelters, but still if you have a few pennies to spare, please consider supporting them. If not, then please consider supporting a shelter near where you live!

Findon Farm A shelter for wild and domestic animals near Banff, Scotland. They need your support to save the pasture used for their rescued farm animals!
Malcolm Cat Protection Society Located near the British Air Force base at Akrotiri, Cyprus.


The list keeps growing, so I decided to split it into related chunks.


What's a grouping system without a Miscellaneous section?

Be an eco-friendly pet slave A few tips on how to be a more eco-friendly pet slave.
Some famous artists and their pets A brief overview of some famous artists (and a writer) and the pets they loved.
Adopt a Pet for Black Friday Black Friday can be about more than shopping for stuff. Why not take advantage of deals at your local animal shelter?
Pets Happy Hour A blog about pets of all kinds.
Are pets allowed in flats? Although written by someone in the UK for a UK audience, the general principles apply everywhere.
Pets in High-Rises Some information for those who live in high-rises and have pets.
Animals and Sleep How much sleep do animals need?
Sleeping with pets Information on sharing your downtime with your Master(s).
The benefits of owning a pet An excellent article on the benefits of owning a pet, especially for kids.
Seniors and Pets Provided you're not allergic and can afford it, owning a pet can be a good idea if you're a senior.
Save money on pet costs Some ways to reduce the expenditures on your pets.
Guide for financial aid for pets If you find yourself in need of financial help with your pet costs, here are some places you can turn to.
Pet Odour in Carpets Some information about removal of pet odours from carpet.
Adopting pets info Some articles on pet adoption and other topics.
Care for reptiles Most is for Iguanas, but others are mentioned too. A handy resource!
Lemurs and their relativesAll you need to know about lemurs.


Pet safety tips A very comprehensive safety list for the house.
Safe cleaning solutions for your pet Good information on pet-safe home cleaning solutions.
Poisonous Plants Keep these away from your pets. Results may vary, but they're never good.
Pet-Proofing Your Home (1) More of useful tips for protecting your pets in your home, aimed at dog owners.
Pet-Proofing Your Home (2) A lot of useful tips for protecting your pets in your home.
Protect the pets in your home Your home can be more dangerous for your masters than you think.
Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips Cleaning products that won't endanger your pet's health.
Vaping around pets Keep your vaping supplies (and activity) away from your pets.

Traveling and Moving

If you're traveling and want to take your Master(s) with you, here are some links with useful information.

Traveling with your dog With a few tweaks, this comprehensive summary can apply to any furry friend.
Taking pets on trains (in the US) Where pets are allowed, the train is a good way to go places with them.
Road trips with your pet Some very useful advice on traveling with your master(s).
Moving with your pet An infographic with tips for a successful move with your pet.
Traveling with pets (1) Some guidelines for traveling with your pet.
Traveling with pets (2) Some common-sense guidelines for traveling with your pet, and some links to further information.
Pet Travel Tips Directed at truckers, the advice is still applicable to everyone.
More Pet Travel Tips Some good tips for those wishing to travel with their pets.
Moving with Pets A state by state (American) guide for interstate relocation with pets.
Pets and Humans A little article about pets and humans, and a number of travel-related links.

Veterinarian Technicians

This is an assortment of links to veterinary technician-related sites.

Veterinarian Technicians Find the veterinarian technician degree program that is right for you.
Vet Technicians Schools Information on veterinary technician schools in the U.S. Scroll down to the blog section.
Vettechnicians.org "An extensive digital library of learning resources for veterinary professionals..."
Veterinary technician career and degree guide Information about the veterinary technician career.

Pet-Related Links

Pet Separation Information about pet separation anxiety.
CleanerPaws.com We mainly focus on pet grooming but also look at product reviews and general advice articles as well.
Pets Square A very comprehensive directory of links for all sorts of pets. This page is for horses.
Pets Square A very comprehensive directory of links for all sorts of pets. This page is for rabbits.
Pets Square A very comprehensive directory of links for all sorts of pets. This page is for rodents.
Pets Square A very comprehensive directory of links for all sorts of pets. This page is for ferrets.


This started with a link about mesothelioma and pets. Why I have been accumulating more and more links is beyond me - I had no idea there were so many sites out there devoted to it!

Mesothelioma and pets This site is an information resource for mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. It can also appear in pets that are exposed to asbestos (though the pet link no longer exists). The home page (for the humans) is www.maacenter.org.
Mesothelioma More information about this asbestos-related cancer.
Mesothelioma Resources More information about this asbestos-related cancer.
The Mesothelioma Centre Another site on the same theme. Full of things we shouldn't have to know about. 8-(
Mesothelioma Yet another site on the same theme. Videos are present on the pages to provide more information.
Mesothelioma With all these links, I don't think any question will be unanswered!
Mesothelioma Fund Information on it, and on how to get compensation through trust funds.
Mesothelioma.net Even more information. My page is becoming a collection of links to this topic...

Links to Non-Commercial Sites

100 American research professors: A list of professors from a wide variety of fields and the work that they do.

Animal Puns: A subset of animal puns within the pun.me website.

A Day in the life of a mobile veterinarian.

The Virtual Pet Cemetery.

Lots of pet and non-pet links here: Robin's FYI.com

Photocartoonist.com, the artist who creates the strange greeting cards that you see in the stores.

Amber Ostheimer's blog.

Animal Internet An internet forum "written by pets, for pets".

Pet Forums. Message boards for many different types of pets: "Your pet forums and pet community."

How to do things: Pets Lots of interesting articles about pets.

Some Commercial Site Links

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