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Welcome to the Pet Anecdotes list! I decided that it was long overdue for an overhaul. Having the whole thing on one huge page makes it rather daunting to read, as well as placing demands on the web server. The new index has thumbnail descriptions to interest the reader, and organization of the files by critter (cat, dog, other) makes a more logical connection. I have also kept the size of the individual files down to 10 anecdotes each to make things more manageable.

I hope that this allows you to enjoy the list more! If you have any anecdotes that you would like to contribute, please mail me!

Overhaul done February 3, 2002. Latest update: April 28, 2002.

Cat Anecdotes

11 Dec 1995 Nova objects when human won't share his quilt
18 Dec 1995 Dusty's quirks
08 Jan 1996 Stormy tries to swipe the bread from a sandwich
08 Jan 1996 Cat steals chicken leg out of oven, another creeps along table top
16 Jan 1996 Cat uses aquarium supplies box inappropriately, and other odd habits.
16 Jul 1996 Why a cat jumps over a hollow and other anecdotes
20 Aug 1996 Mr. Brat is buried, or is he?
16 Oct 1996 Cats corner a Doberman and eat his food
30 Oct 1996 Mischief tries to get extra food, releases mice into human's bed
20 Dec 1996 Cat locks human out of his car in the rain
02 Feb 1997 Why Mom can't come to the phone...
10 Feb 1997 Cat sleeps under the computer while human is online
13 Feb 1997 Strategically timed hairball
13 Mar 1997 Sasha is queen of the household
13 Mar 1997 Cats that like water
16 Mar 1997 Fun kitty games, like "bag tag" and "newspaper surfing"
16 Mar 1997 Cat bites human's butt at wrong time and 2 other anecdotes
10 Feb 1997 Cats invite others in for parties
16 Jun 1997 Cat saves humans from house fire
13 Jul 1997 Farrah enjoys Christmas tree icicles a bit too much
13 Aug 1997 Cat likes to play with dog balls
28 Aug 1997 Mini Murphy does the "mad squirrel dance"
13 Aug 1997 Another story about Murphy -- why her purr was so loud
11 Sep 1997 In remembrance of Zelda Reber and some of her cats
18 May 1998 Cat "reads" Honor Harrington and learns to love celery
19 May 1998 Cat punishes human by taking a whiz on the computer
31 Jul 1998 Leopold, Eli and the vet
06 Jan 2000 Mama cat eats the cake
18 Apr 2000 Juanita gets tail caught in car door
09 Nov 2000 Hobbes and his habits
14 Mar 2002 Tales of four cats
28 Mar 2002 Cat doesn't want to get a needle

Dog Anecdotes

14 Dec 1995 Frostie goes to the vet, and her human winds up needing a doctor
21 Dec 1995 Rottweiler anecdotes
02 Jan 1996 Dog slurps human's drinks
11 Aug 1996 Houndini escapes his harness
20 Feb 1997 Lab goes after "enemy aircraft"
21 Feb 1997 Some of Murphy's quirks
02 Dec 1996 More Murphy antics, including a squirrel capture
16 Mar 1997 Dachshund anecdotes
18 Apr 1997 Dog chews up the Bad Dog List
20 May 1997 Boomer eats fertilizer and wrecks a new couch
23 May 1997 Closed door doesn't prevent Rowdy from a toilet drink
27 May 1997 Ross the Dalmatian destroys a hotel room
02 Dec 1997 Bailey the mutt chews everything
25 Aug 1997 Doofer fails the take-home test
02 Oct 1997 Traumatized at the beach, Chaos won't drink from his bowl
17 Oct 1997 Brazilian Mastiff tales
06 Apr 1998 Tasha digs her way to a party next door
07 May 1998 Samson goes to the groomers by himself
16 Aug 1998 Cancer accidentally found when Rusty eats a bone
09 Nov 1999 Cat and dog go after each other under the afghan
08 Jan 2000 Hopper leaves the boat, Sassy gets round steak bone stuck
08 Jan 2000 Hobbs the Bichon has encounters with a skunk

Other Pet Anecdotes

11 Apr 1996 Dog uses cat as a diversion; cat loves smelly shoes
22 Jul 1997 Hemmy the iguana gets relief
05 Jan 2000 Some ferret antics
01 Jan 2002 Male hamster giving birth?
12 Jun 2004 A farewell to James Bunny

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