Humourous Cat Anecdotes, Part 4

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002
From: Lora Frey
Subject: Sucking Hair, Rabbits, Poop, I Can See Something You Can't

Hi, My name is Lora Frey. I have had several stray cats live with me over the past 21 years. The latest one is short haired, all grey, I call him Greyguy. He LOVES people. I discovered early that he likes to jump from the floor up to my sholders, put his "arms" around my neck, like he's hugging me, and knead me. He will try to climb to my back to get to my hair to suck on it. When he's lying on my lap, I put my ponytail over my sholder so my hair is down in his face and he pushes his nose into my hair and purrs loudly. He is VERY content. He doesn't suck on my hair all the time. Sometimes, he just wants my hair in his face. I thought it was weird at first but, I'm getting used to it. I've been told he got taken away from his mother too soon. Was told, that is just a sign of affection. None of the other 5 cats I've had live here did that. He has brought me a live mouse that he turned loose and caught later. I figure he was showing me how good he is at catching mice so I would adopt him. He brought me a dead bird and laid it at my door step. I guess I'm officially in the circle.

My message would be "I will not leap on my human to try to suck her hair."

If you are old enough you will recognize the phrase, "Your hair looks like it's been sucked by the cats."

My Whitecat, (he's a longhaired all white cat), brought me a baby rabbit and laid it on my bed, but it was still alive. I work nights and sleep days, so I was rudely awakened. I realized what was on my bed and grabbed the rabbit really quickly. I put him in a box so I could get dressed and take him outside and turn him loose behind a 6 foot fence. He brought me a different rabbit after that but, this one was dead. My Whitecat has no teeth. He is old enough to have had the gum/tooth infection that cats get in their teeth. He also had broken teeth from fighting. They were all infected so I had them all pulled. He is SO much better now. No more pain and he eats just fine. Can still catch a rabbit.

My message would be "I will not bring any more rabbits to my human."

Spinner, who disappeared 5 years ago, I found out the hard way, couldn't tolerate dairy products. I found out when I came home from work one morning and he had blown poop all over the wall just above the litter boxes.

My message would be "I will refuse any milk and cheese so my human won't have to clean the walls off after I explode."

Baby, my first cat, would lie in bed next to me and stare at the ceiling. STARE at the ceiling. One night, on my night off, we were lying in bed, I was reading, I had not locked the door yet, and he started this STARING again. I was watching him and tried to make him stop staring. He wouldn't. I got up and locked the door and he quit staring. Another time I was sitting on the couch watching TV and he came walking by, stopped and started staring at the couch beside me. I knew something was up so I got up and moved the cushion. There, in between the cushions, was a spider. How did he know? How could he hear the spider, the TV was on. How could he see the spider, the spider was out of sight between the cushions? Did he smell the spider? None of my other cats has done that. It really gives you the willies, but I soon began to take him seriously.

My message would be-"I will not frighten my human by staring. I CAN see things humans can't."

This is all I can think of for now.

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002
From: Natalie
Subject: cat ancedote

My Fire-Tipped Siamese, a three year-old male, remembers exactly what a visit to the vet means. The last time we took him to the vet we had to tip his carrier with the opening to the bottom. The vet assistant the had to reach in and proceeded to get his front paws and then the back paws together to pull him out. That, alas, was not to be then end. He became a kitty contortionist, managing to avoid the dreaded needle. Our poor vet finally grabbed a blanket, tossed it over my cat, and proceeded to lie over him while the assistant gave the vaccination. When it was all over with my cat, Sir Kitty Koon, proceeded to stretch his front paws with claws extending and gave the vet a look of "Next're mine!!"
Natalie Brown-Cordero

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