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Iguana Haiku

These are haiku related to people's scaly friends.
Iguana, you poop.
Pooping is your great art form.
For me, to clean it.
Amy Navik
Eeghana, my love.
Your presence is a blessing.
Though I bear your scars.
Stay on your own side of the bed
my green scaly friend
you scrape my tender skin.
Glowering Stink-Eye
How I cringe before that look!
What did I do now?
Serving the Green Queen
She glares at my offering.
Uh oh, it's not fresh.
Drako my green brat
Don't bite the hand that feeds you
your salad instead
Carmen & Draco
I am the lizard.
I am king of all I see.
You are the servant.
Harold Reynolds
Scaly hide, sharp claws,
A chronic bad attitude,
Why do you love me?
Harold Reynolds

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