The Bad Horse List

The Bad Horse List (358 kB, 42 pages) is a list of phrases horse ownees should get their naughty masters to write on a blackboard a la Bart Simpson. If you could get them to write...

Please note that the entire Bad Horse List is now available as a PDF file, for your convenience in reading and even printing if you wish. It also makes it easier for me to add updates as they are sent to me.

Send more suggestions to me, Harold Reynolds. Please make sure that your name is somewhere in your message so that you can be properly credited, if you so wish. I will acknowledge all messages. If you enjoy this list, please consider spreading the good cheer by doing something nice for someone!

This list Copyright 1997, 1998, Ann M. Wright, Ph.D, and 1999 by Harold Reynolds, Ph.D., in Ann's name.

Note: the original Bad Horse List was created and maintained by Dr Anne Wright, compiled from members of the Equine-L listserver and from e-mail contributions. Some time after it was started, it went off-line with no explanation. Attempts to reach her by e-mail failed, so due to popular request I initiated a new Bad Horse List from a copy built from a (probably quite old) copy sent courtesy of Kathy Schriber. It is missing all the original contributors, unfortunately. The Contributors List contains only the people who have sent me contributions since I started the list. I have rearranged the sections and formatting to be more in accordance with the other Bad Pets lists.

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