A Bad Cat Story

Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996
Subject: I have one for you....

When I was offered a job in Ohio, I moved out there (with my cat in tow) before my fiance (and his cat). The day he was to arrive, I was expecting him to come to my place of work to pick up house keys. He showed up four hours late, wet and very angry. The story goes like this:

His cat (BlackJack, named after the White Sox pitcher, not the game) does NOT like to ride in cars. To deal with that fact, Mike locked the poor little thing up in a travel carrier. Black Jack promptly took a dump in it one hour into the trip. So Mike pulls over to clean up the cage. While dumping the kitty's dump by the side of the road, Black Jack hits the automatic door locks on his car!!! In the pouring down rain, Mike spends 2 hours trying to get the cat to undo what he has done!!!

(In the end, AAA was called, but in the meantime, that was NOT a very well loved cat!!!)

I enjoyed your page,
Amy Dowell

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