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February 1, 2023. I just realized that this page hasn't been edited since 2017, and a lot of the links had evaporated or changed.

Learn about Canada!
Government of Canada Our country's official home page
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation I am a devoted listener of CBC Radio and firmly believe that the government should stop strangling it and let it do what it is supposed to, bring a sense of unity togetherness to our vast and diverse land.
Environment Canada No list of Canadian links would be complete without a link here, since probably the one thing that all Canadians have in common is complaining about the weather!

As you may have guessed, I'm a Canadian and proud of it. Though I must admit our winters are less than enthralling and politics has annoying repetitive tendencies (i.e. the Quebec separation "issue"). I figured it's high time I included some links to resources about my country. I think that by the time you've rummaged through these sites, you'll have found all you need to know and then some!

Links to other interesting sites
News of the Weird The site where morons get themselves into the news
The sci.geo.meteorology FAQ the biggest and best source of any information about the weather
CIESIN A great source of US demographic (census) data
Earthweek a nice summary of the world's significant meteorological events.
The Internet Movie Database All you ever wanted to know about all movies and TV shows.
Wikipedia The free online encyclopedia. If you want to know about it, it's probably here! If it isn't, you can add it. Search for movies or shows on various streaming platforms. Note that you still have to have an account on those platforms if you want to watch what you find...

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