An Introduction To Geographical Information Systems(GIS)

by Harold Reynolds

was originally written and finished December 18, 1997, when I was finishing my PhD dissertation. I can't remember why, but it was probably in response to somebody asking me to do it.

Text converted to HTML and put on my website January 5, 2002, as part of my ongoing project to get my research and other non-humour s on line.

I have been converting many (including the Bad Pets lists) to PDF s and getting rid of the HTML versions. As of June 28, 2008, this has been replaced by a PDF version. Click HERE to load and access it. (I do not need a pdf to word converter now that I have Open Office.)

Somewhat related to GIS is the career of logistics, which is the art and science of delivering components and raw materials to the manufacturers that need them when they need them, and then delivering finished products to the consumers. If you are interested in a career in this field, check out this site: Logistics Degree. (Link added March 24, 2012.)

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