Humorous Dog Anecdotes, Part 3

From: Kathy Turner
Subject: Stupid Dogs
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000

My dad had an Irish Setter, "Hopper". My dad went to visit my brother in Southern IL. My brother went fishing one morning, taking Hopper with him. Hopper had never been in a boat before and must have decided he had to go potty. He stepped right out of the boat and sunk like a rock. My brother, knowing my dad would never forgive him if anything happened to Hopper jumped in after him, clothes, wallet, watch and all. He was able to get to the dog and get him back in the boat, but after that we always joked about Hopper thinking he could walk on water!

I rarely give my dog bones, but thought the little round bones from a round steak were safe. One day while at work, my son called me half hysterical. "Mom, Sassy (Shepherd/Husky mix) has a bone stuck on her face". I could not quite picture this and quickly came home. I came in and took one look at her and laughed much to the dislike of my two sons! My darling little pooch had make a "ring" out of the bone getting it stuck around her lower mouth behind her canine teeth. We took her to the vet, they took one look at her and had to stop laughing before they could even attempt to get the thing off her mouth. As it turned out, they had to knock her out to get it off, but they said it was one they would remember for a very long time!

Kathy Turner
Northlake, IL

From: Karen Juskovic
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002
Subject: Great Site

Spent an afternoon with my Bichons reading your site, funny, funny, funny.

My husband and I travel with our two bichon frises's, Calvin and Hobbs (brothers). These two characters are always a hit, no matter where we go. Two years ago, we decided to go to Salem. MA and then onto Provincetown, Cape Cod.

We tow a small Boler trailer, which is approx 13ft, not very big, and no room to avoid each other. The dogs were of course a big hit in Provincetown, and received all sorts of attention, but the fun really started in Brewster Cape Cod.

We found a lovely heavily treed camp ground, in this quaint little town. Tired after driving a long way, it was around dusk, I decided to do laundry, my husband set up camp. Approx a 1/2 hr went by, and this lady approached me at the camp laundry and asked if I were Karen, stated 'yes', this nice lady then informed me that my husband was in a panic, (I had the van) and that one of my dogs had been sprayed by a skunk! (I knew right away which dog got it) this nice lady gave me a can of tomato juice and advised of a general store near by, she also advised that the Cape had been inundated with skunks that year!

So, back to the camp I go, my husband in a "dither", and poor sorry looking Hobbs wanting to give me a lick and sit on my lap. The nasty skunk got him on his head and neck. We bathed the dog on the picnic table for about an hour, bought out the supply of tomato juice. All I could think of at the time was this song by the B52's called Quiche Lorraine. Now my beautiful little bichon, was pink! and quite frankly, tomato juice does not work, so he was pink and stunk like a tomato with "pepe le pew" perfume. As the hour was getting late, it was time for bed. Poor Hobbs now was depressed as no-one wanted to go near him, and he normally snuggles up with me and his brother Calvin, (even Calvin couldn't stand to be near him).

Now it's the wee hours of the a.m., my husband is asleep(soundly), and nature calls for the boys (this is the norm, when we're camping) so look outside first with the flashlight, don't see anything outside or in the addaroom. I open the door, Hobbs 1st Calvin 2nd, and me just about out the door, when this yelp, Hobbs turns tail and runs back into the trailer face dripping with that oh so familiar stench. Fortunately Calvin didn't get it, he was "Like, what's going on Mom?" Before I could call out to my husband, Hobbs was in the trailer, on the bed rubbing his face, my husband was wakened.

Needless to say, at this point I grabbed Hobbs, wrapped in one of the stinky blankets and off to the showers we go. No sleep that night. Hobbs ended up with a haircut; good thing it was a hot summer, as he ended up looking like a little lamb. Hobbs no longer wanted to go out at night for the remainder of the trip, we surrounded our camp with mothballs, a tip from a fellow camper, and if we had to go outside after dusk, we made plenty of noise.

We were at this camp ground 3 days, and off to Connecticut we went, near the Foxwoods Casino we camped, small camp ground with a little general store, in there I found a stuffed skunk and beaver, I informed my husband I was buying them, hubby thought it would traumatize Hobbs, when in reality, Hobbs beats the living daylights out of it, and to this day still has that stuffy and beats it, When he smells that "perfume" he hides. We plan on returning to the Cape this year, but, ever since our skunk incident, we're alway's prepared with a great product for skunk smell, called "Skunk Out" by Amway. We love to camp, especially the dogs.

Sincerely, Karen Juskovic

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