Miscellaneous Documents

This page offers links to some documents that I created during my academic career. I have retyped them and saved them in PDF format in the hopes that they will be useful to the community at large.

Mesoscale Convective Complexes: An Overview

This document is the report that I wrote on Mesoscale Convective Complexes (MCCs) over the summer of 1990 as part of the requirements for getting my MSc. in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Toronto. I saw a passing reference to them in an introductory meteorology text that I'd read earlier and found quite a bit in the literature about them. Of course, it was written in 1990, and there have no doubt been many more papers in the various journals since then, but I figured that with some spare time on my hands in the evenings, I'd type it in (having long ago lost the original file, unfortunately) and make my work available, just on the off chance it proves to be useful to someone. I scanned in the illustrations. Unfortunately, some of them are not very good quality, because the pictures I was working from didn't copy well.

I hope that you find it useful! Click here to see it.

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