Pun Dictionary: E Entries

Eager Beaver (Book Titles)
Let's Do it Now!: Igor Beaver
Eagles (Football)
If seagulls fly over the "C", do Eagles fly over the "E"?
Early (Tom Swifties)
"I know which boyd gets the woym," said Tom in an oily voice.
Earn a Living (Book Titles)
Employment Handbook: Ernie Living JG
Earthquake (One-Liners)
Is a person shaking with laughter suffering from a mirthquake?
Easel (Tom Swifties)
"Now I can do some painting," said Tom easily.
Easter (Chemistry)
A chemist's favourite rabbit is the Ether Bunny.
Easy Does It (Book Titles)
How to Handle Nitroglycerine: E. C. Duzzit JG
Easy Money (Book Titles)
How to be a Con Artist: E. Z. Money JG
Eat, Drink and Be Merry (Cannibals)
Do cannibals toast each other with "Eat, Drink and be Mary?"
Eaten (Misc)
"Would you like a slice of my pizza?" "No thanks, I've already Eden."
Eater (Greek Letters)
An eta is a person in a restaurant.
Eaves Trough (Book Titles)
My Life in the Gutter: Yves Trough
Ecclesiastic (Religion)
The favourite glue of people who work in churches is called Ecclesia-stick.
Economist (Redefinitions)
Economist: A discount fog.
Edam (Book Titles)
Hard Cheese!: E. Dam A
What kind of cheese is made backwards? Edam!
Edgily (Tom Swifties)
"Perimeter!" said Tom edgily.
Eek a Mouse (Book Titles)
Rodent in the House!: E. K. Mouse
Eek! A Mouse! (Book Titles)
Why is the Elephant on the Chair?: Zeke Amos.
Eek-Wine (One-Liners)
Jockeys drink booze made from frightened grapes: Equine.
Eerie (North America)
This is a very spooky lake: Erie.
Egg on Face (Tom Swifties)
"Yes, I was in the chicken coop when it exploded," admitted Tom, with egg on his face.
Eggs Acting (Tom Swifties)
"Just what kind of show can this troupe 'The Humpty Dumpties' put on?" asked Tom exactingly.
E-I-E-I-O (Two-Liners)
"Old MacDonald in the 'hood. E-I-E-I-Yo-Mama."
Eighty (Book Titles)
The Old Codger: A. T. Yearsold JG
Ejaculated (Tom Swifties)
"I'm coming!" Tom ejaculated.
Elbow (Anatomy)
I've made a revolutionary bow shaped like an L! I'll call it the elbow.
Elder (Music)
My Elgar brother is a notable composer.
Election (Tom Swifties)
"Vote for Reagan," said Tom electronically.
Electric (Tom Swifties)
"This computer display is shocking," said Tom electrically.
Electric Light Orchestra (Music)
Adorable stuffed killer whale toys + Christmas lights + drinking straws = Electric Light Orcastraw.
Electricity (Book Titles)
It's a Shocker: Alec Tricity
Electrocute (Animals)
If a kitten ate an electric eel, would it become electro-cute?
Elegant (One-Liners)
Do the anorexic supermodels think they're elegaunt?
Elementary (Chemistry)
"The name for the new trans-Uranic element should be Terry," said Professor Watson. "It's element-Terry, my dear Watson," said Professor Holmes.
Elephant (Book Titles)
Fat Lady In The Sideshow: Ellie Funt JG
I want a beer stein shaped like a pachyderm. I'd call it an alephant.
Elephant Light (Elephant)
How do you make an elephant light? Have him hold a light bulb with his trunk and plug his tail into the electric socket.
Elevator and Helicopter (Book Titles)
Vertical Takeoff!: Ella Vator and Ella Copter
Elmer (Canada)
A nemesis of Bugs Bunny was Aylmer Fudd, the hunter.
Elongate (One-Liners)
Let's hope that Elon Musk doesn't get involved in a scandal because ElonGate would be really drawn out.
Elvis Presley (Christmas)
Which of Santa's Helpers rocked the most? Elfis Presley.
Embark (Tom Swifties)
"Dorothy, if you're going to Oz again, I'm going with you," Em barked.
Em-Barking (One-Liners)
Dogs are noisy when they're getting on ships because they're embarking.
Embrace (Dentist)
Orthodontists don't hug, they em-brace.
Emit (Book Titles)
What I Do When I Get More Work: Emmet A. Groan.
Emmanuel Can't (Book Titles)
Fred Can Philosophize!: Immanuel Kant
Empire (1) (Baseball)
The story of a baseball official's addiction to lettuce was called "The Decline and Fall of the Romaine Umpire".
Empire (2) (Book Titles)
Kingdom of the Flames: M. Pyre C
Employment (One-Liners)
"Cannabis Cultivation Technician": a new hemployment.
Empty Tank (Book Titles)
Why Cars Stop: M. T. Tank
Emu (Animals)
Is it an electronic cow? Is it a flightless bird? It's both! It's an e-moo!
Emulate (Book Titles)
Do as I Do, Not as I Say: M. U. Late JG
Ends of the Earth (Book Titles)
Columbus, Vespucci, And Me: Enzo DiUrth JG
Engage (Tom Swifties)
"Let's get married," said Tom engagingly.
Enough (Book Titles)
A Great Plenty: E. Nuff
Entranced (Book Titles)
Hypnotism: N. Tranced
Epilepsy (One-Liners)
Does a high jumper who suffers from seizures have epileapsy?
Eppie [Ann Landers' real name] Graph (Tom Swifties)
"I got a personal letter from Ann Landers," was Tom's epigraph.
Equa-door (South America)
Is the gateway to South America through the Ecuador?
Equinox (One-Liners)
March 21 and September 21 are days when horses don't use doorbells because they're equine-noxes.
Erase (Tom Swifties)
"Nothing is indelible," said Tom irascibly.
Erg (Measures)
What someone says when punched in the gut: "erg!"
Ern Prior (Canada)
"Did you visit Ern before you left?" "Yes, I saw Arnprior to my departure."
Ernest Dead (Tom Swifties)
"I am NOT a homosexual necrophiliac," said Tom in dead earnest.
Err (1) (Canada)
To Ayr is human, to forgive (especially punsters) divine.
Err (2) (Meteorology)
"To air is human, to forgive, divine."
Error (One-Liners)
Is a lion's mistake an erroar?
Esterhazy (Tom Swifties)
"Oh, stop talking about the Dreyfus case. Don't you like the colour of my eyes?" asked Esther hazily.
Et Tu, Brute? (Expressions)
If Brutus had dressed up as a ballerina, Julius Caesar might have said "Et tutu, Brute?"
Ethel (Chemistry)
Would you buy a drink from a woman named Ethyl Alcohol?
Ethyl Alcohol (Book Titles)
I Like Liquor: Ethel Alcohol
Eubie Blake (Book Titles)
Great Jazz Pianists: U. B. Blake
Eunuchs (Computers)
Male programmers who have lost their manhood are Unix.
Euthenasia (Redefinitions)
That which grows up and becomes adults in Asia.
Evangelist (Book Titles)
Jello Proselytizing: Evan Jellist
Evaporate (Book Titles)
Boiled Dry: Eve Aporate A
Eve (Tom Swifties)
"I wouldn't marry you even if you were the only woman on earth!" said Tom evenly.
Eve of Destruction (Book Titles)
Prepare To Meet Your Maker: Eva DeStruction JG
Ever at the Ready (Book Titles)
Fastest Gun In The West: Everett DeReady JG
Eveready (Book Titles)
Assault with Battery: Eva Ready
Every day (Book Titles)
The Paper Route: Avery Daye JG
Everyone's Eaten (Cannibals)
When do cannibals leave the table? When everyone's eaten.
Evolve (One-Liners)
If Charles Darwin were alive today, would his favourite car be an e-Volvo?
E-Volvo (One-Liners)
If Darwin were alive today, would he drive an eVolvo?
Ex-Amine (Tom Swifties)
"Now we remove the NH2 group," said Tom during the examination.
Ex-Aspirate (Tom Swifties)
"I've changed my name to Al," said Hal, exasperated.
Exclamation Mark (Tom Swifties)
"!" exclaimed Mark.
Ex-Crew (Tom Swifties)
"I had to fire my first mate when she got too heavy for the boat," said Tom excruciatingly.
Execute (Tom Swifties)
"Let's kill him," said the executive.
Exercise (Expressions)
Priests who rid the world of evil spirits are always fit and healthy. It shows that exorcise is good for you.
Exiter (Canada)
A person using an exit is an Exeter.
Exorcism (Redefinitions)
Mexorcism: What right-wing Americans want to do with illegal immigrants.
Expansive (Tom Swifties)
"Here, son, have a free balloon!" said Tom expansively.
Expectantly (Tom Swifties)
"My mother's sister will be here any minute," said Tom expectauntly.
Expensive (Two-Liners)
It isn't cheap to quit being a philosopher and a thinker. In fact, it's ex-pensive.
Ex-plane (Tom Swifties)
"I used to be a pilot," Tom explained.
Ex-PLO (Tom Swifties)
"Perhaps he's a former Palestinian commie?" explored Tom.
Ex-Postulate (Tom Swifties)
"But suppose X does exist after all," Tom expostulated.
Ex-Pounded (Tom Swifties)
"I've lost a lot of weight" Tom expounded.
Ex-Pres[ley] (Tom Swifties)
"Elvis is dead," said Tom expressly.
Expressive (Tom Swifties)
"These genes are dominant," said Tom expressively.
Ex-Temp (Tom Swifties)
"I used to work for Kelly Services," Tom extemporized.
Exterminator (One-Liners)
Pest Control is the best employment option for T-1000s if they live long enough to retire since, at that point, they will be ex-Terminators.
Ex-Train (Tom Swifties)
"I used to work for the railway company," said Tom extraneously.
Ex-Uber-Ant (Tom Swifties)
"I used to command a battalion of German ants," said Tom exuberantly.
Eye for an Eye (Expressions)
When two egotists meet, it's an I for an I.
Eye Land (Physical)
The best place to find an optometrist is an Island.
Eye On (Chemistry)
"I'm positive that I just lost an electron." "You'd better keep an ion that."
Eye Rate (One-Liners)
Some people get upset at high optometrist fees. Others get irate.
Eye-Open (Astronomy)
Galileo's discovery of Jupiter's moons must have been a real Io-pener.
Eye-Ron [Ronald Reagan] (Tom Swifties)
"I'm a Reagan-watcher," said Tom ironically.

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