Pun Dictionary: K Entries

Kam Loops (Canada)
Canned ham cut in rings: Kamloops.
Kangaroo (One-Liners)
Would a joint Indo-Australian currency be called the KangaRupee?
Kaopectate (Book Titles)
After The Corned Beef And Cabbage: Kay O'Pectate JG
Kareoke (Book Titles)
Singing Solo: Carrie O'Kee B
Katydid (Book Titles)
Chirpin' and Jumpin': Katie Didd JG
Keel (1) (Europe: Germany)
The Kiel keeps a sailing ship from tipping over.
Keel (2) (Toronto)
A sailboat has a Keele to keep it from tipping over.
Keep off the Grass (Expressions)
A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab centre says "Keep off the Grass".
Kempt (Halifax)
After coming in from the windy outdoors, her hair was messy, out of place and un-Kempt.
Ken Doll (Book Titles)
Barbie's Companion: Kendall Husband
Ken Says (USA)
"What is Ken's opinion?" "Kansas it's fine by him."
Kennebunkport (Book Titles)
Ex-Presidential Retreat: Kenny Bunkport JG
Kepler (Astronomy)
An astronomer who kepples: Kepler.
Kermit the Frog (Jokes)
Which Muppet was the Whiskey King? Kermit Laphroaig.
Kernal of corn (Book Titles)
Military Fast: Colonel O'Corn l
Kernal of truth (Book Titles)
Pentagon Press Release: Colonel O'Truth and Lotta Lies l
Kick (One-Liners)
Daredevils smack a horse's rump not for the thrill, but for kicks.
Kid (Tom Swifties)
"I want to hear my baby bleat," Mary kidded.
Kid Knee (Anatomy)
What's that joint in a child's leg? A kidney.
Kid Napping (One-Liners)
There was a kidnapping at school, but don't worry, she woke up.
Kill Kenny (Europe: Ireland)
"Somebody shot at Ken? Who would want to Kilkenny?"
Killed (One-Liners)
Old bedspread makers never die, but they can be quilt.
Killed Her (Money)
The news of the stock market crash so shocked the woman that it guilder.
Kill-o-Gram (Measures)
Based on the tradition of the singing telegram, the Mafia hit squad has introduced the kilogram.
Kimono (Book Titles)
Yoko's Robe: Kim Ono JG
King Key (Tom Swifties)
"This will get me into the royal bedroom," said Tom kinkily.
Kipling (Toronto)
Best-selling old postcard: "Do you like Kipling? I don't know, you naughty boy. I've never Kippled!"
Kiss and Make Up (Two-Liners)
Did you hear about the beauty salon that offers marriage counseling? It's called the Kiss and Make-Up.
Kit and Caboodle (Book Titles)
A Whole Lot of Cats: Kitt N. Caboodle
Kitchen-er (Canada)
A professional cook could be called a Kitchener.
Knee On (Chemistry)
When kneeling to be knighted, a chemist must put one neon the floor.
Kneel Down (Book Titles)
Ready for Knighthood: Neil Downe JG
Kneel Son (Toronto)
"Are you going to knight me now, Dad?" "Nielson, so that I may dub thee Sir Roderick."
Knew It (Tom Swifties)
"I newt!" said the salamander.
Knicker Elastic (Book Titles)
It's a Holdup!: Nick R. Elastic
Knickers (Christmas)
Is Santa Claus' underwear called St. Knickers?
Knitting (Tom Swifties)
"I've run out of wool," said Tom, knitting his brow.
Knocks Ville (USA)
There are no doorbells in Knoxville.
Knotsies (Jokes)
How did Hitler tie his laces? In little Nazis.
Know Him (USA)
As Bob's wife of 20 years, I think I Nome very well.
Knowed (Astronomy)
Incorrect past tense of "to know": Node.
Knows (Anatomy)
"Nobody nose the troubles I've seen..."
Kootchie (Jokes)
How do you tickle a rich girl? Say "Gucci Gucci Gucci!"
Kotter (Middle East)
A popular TV sitcom featuring the "sweathogs" was "Welcome Back Qatar."
Kraft (Tom Swifties)
"Have some cheese," said Tom craftily.
Krewel (Tom Swifties)
"Now THAT's sloppy embroidery," Tom needled cruelly.
Kuala (Animals)
The capital of Malaysia is Koala Lumpur.
Kung Fu (Food)
The Pork Chop, Mutton Masher and Corn Pop are a few moves from the martial art "Kung Food".

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